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The best alcohol based hand sanitizer to fight against germs

During this pandemic situation, we should always apply sanitizer to our hands and follow the rules of social distancing. Also, we should always wear face masks. But, we should never forget to apply sanitizer to our hands to prevent any germs or diseases. Applying sanitizer to our hands, we can kill germs 99.9%. we constantly visit outdoors and touch the surfaces or objects. But germs and microorganisms are present on the layer of surfaces or objects. We cannot see such microorganisms with our naked eyes. These germs enter into our skin causing various diseases. Today, we are expose to various environmental threats and should be always cautious. So, we should apply best alcohol based hand sanitizer  to our hands to kill germs and prevent various diseases. 

The reasons to apply the best sanitizer to our hands

We should apply the alcohol based sanitizer to our hands because it makes our hands clean and free from germs. The ordinary sanitizers may not effectively kill the germs. The alcohol based sanitizer contains 70% Iso Propyl and it is useful to mankind as it kills 99.9% germs. So, it helps in preventing different types of illness and infections. We need not wash our hands frequently if we apply sanitizer to our hands. If we are travelling to various places, then we may not be available to wash our hands frequently. The lodgings or hotels may be located far away and we are not able to wash our hands as we cannot visit basins. So, if we apply sanitizer to our hands, then we can always stay away from germs. Because when we are travelling, we are expose to various contaminants and microorganisms in nature. So, we should apply best alcohol based hand sanitizer to our hands because we can remain free from germs.  We need not wash our hands for some hours. 

How to apply the sanitizer to our hands in a correct way

You should apply sanitizer to your hands in smaller quantities. Just apply some drops of sanitizer to you hands. If you apply it excessively, then you experience irritation. It should be spread and gently rubble to your hands and at the backside of your hands. You should dry it until the sanitizer is dried. It should be kept away from flames because it is flammable. If you go near the fire or flames immediately after applying sanitizer, then you may experience burning sensation. The best alcohol based hand sanitizer should be stored carefully. Do not rub your eyes after applying sanitizer to your hands. If the drops of sanitizer enter into your eyes, then you may feel irritated. Then, you should visit a physician if you are persistently feeling irritated. But, if anybody happens to consume the sanitizer, then they require medical assistance immediately. 

The sanitizer should not be expose to heat, flame, air and moisture. If exposed to heat, it becomes flammable. If expose to air, it becomes evaporated and may not be effective in killing germs. exposed to moisture, then it becomes diluted and the drops may suddenly enter into your eyes if a drop of water falls in the sanitizer. The best alcohol based hand sanitizer should be sealed tightly in a bottle to maintain its properties. 

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