10 Benefits Of Choosing Rubber Flooring For New Floors

What Is Rubber Flooring?

The Rubber Flooring Dubai is made from recycled tires. Liquid rubber is poured into the mold to create rubber flooring. Formations can be used depending on the method of installation. The floor can be classified as wall-to-wall, sectional, or interlocking.

10 Benefits Of Rubber Flooring 

1. Eco-Friendly

Rubber flooring is environmentally friendly and produces no toxic fumes.

2. Noise Reduction

In comparison to hard tile or concrete floors. Rubber reduces noise levels up to 50%, making your indoor environment more comfortable.

3. Temperature Control

Rubber is cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter than other types of flooring. Such as wood, marble, and ceramic tiles. It is better to walk on rubber floors all year.

4. Slip Resistance

The rubber surface has a high COF which makes it safe to use in wet conditions.

5. Scratch Resistant

The softer nature of rubber makes it less likely to scratch compared to harder flooring materials.

6. Durable 

High-traffic areas such as gyms, healthcare facilities, community centers, schools. And more are where rubber floors are used the most. It is maintenance-free without the need for anything.

7. Fire Retardant

The rubber floor has excellent resistance to heat transfer and can help prevent fire from spreading. Unlike other types of flooring materials, rubber does not burn, but it does melt at a very high temperature. Which stops the progress of the fire!

8. Hygienic

This type of flooring is a good choice for areas that must meet high hygiene standards, such as hospitals. It’s porous, so it’s easy to clean. And can be treated with antimicrobial agents that have been tested in accordance with international standards.

9. Customizable

There are thousands of colors and textures to choose from. As well as many options for different design patterns and logos. Which can be incorporated into the surface design of your floor.

10. Mildew Resistant

The antiseptic nature of rubber makes it an ideal material for people who suffer from allergies or asthma. As it prevents dust mites and other organisms from developing within its poured-in-place surface.

Types Of Rubber Flooring

There are three different types of rubber Flooring Dubai. Traditional Rubber Rolls, Interlocking/Click- Together tiles, and Sheet Goods.

1. Traditional Rubber Rolls 

Depending on the roll width, it ranges from 24′′ to 60′′. Large commercial applications that use rolled rubber include indoor gymnasiums. Trade exhibits, material handling areas, sports courts, and aerobic rooms. It is available in 8 wide rolls of various sizes.

2. Interlocking Together tiles

It’s possible to get a tile that’s up to 2 inches thick, although it’s not always available in custom dimensions. It’s perfect for spur-of-the-moment projects or adding on at a later date. Because it’s just clicking the tiles together without the need for glue. They’re ideal for health clubs and food preparation areas because of their resistance to odor, bacteria growth, and mildew. Including the swimming pool surroundings.

3. Sheet Goods 

This option is perfect for use in gymnasiums. Such as weight benches with custom dimensions. If you want to install sheets over existing hard surfaces, you can use double-sided tape or our tape.

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