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5 Cakes That Will Captivate Your Mind

India is a vast country trendy for its spices and sweets. And in our new generation, the taste of having sweets has changed a lot. They have started taking Western food like puddings cakes and forgetting the Indian cuisine, but what if there’s an option for combining Indian sweets and cakes? Would you like to give it a taste for once?

Let’s discuss some Indian flavoured cakes you have never seen even never imagined before. We will also discuss the fruit cakes you must try once. And yes, you can also order these cakes online in Delhi. Now coming to the cake flavours which are both tasty and healthy.

Rasgulla Cake 

When you think about rasgulla, the first thing that comes to your mind is that there will be something watery because ras means sugar syrup, in which Gulla is a ball made up of solidified milk solid that has been dipped for an extended period.

So as per the cake, the cake is also made of milk and curd only, which gives it a very spongy texture that melts in our mouth after the cake is ready; some rasgullas are also used for its decoration. After sprinkling some pistas and kajus, our Western-Indian cuisine is prepared.

This cake is freezer friendly so that you can store it for up to some days. You can get this cake when you order cake online. Let’s come to our second cake which is quite a western type but you can take it with your tea in the morning.

Rasmalai Cake 

When you think of malai, your tongue starts secreting slobber which means this is also one of the best sweets in India and would you like to miss a chance of tasting this sweet but in the form of cake? No, so for what you’re waiting for, let’s discuss its ingredients and its specialisation also.

This cake is made up of soft flattened paneer balls soaked in thickened and sweetened milk and lastly garnished with Saffron, nuts, and cardamom. This is not a typical cake. It is just named cake because of its cake-like consistency.

This cake is very famous in Kolkata, and it was the first time it was made there also. Now let’s come to our next cake, which is perfect for your kids.

The Choota Bheem Cake

As we all know, Chota bheem is a pretty popular animation character ( cartoon) mainly popular with Indian kids. There’s a fantasy of every Chota bheem lover to have a Chota bheem cake on their birthday. So now you don’t have to worry about where you will buy this kind of cake because you already have online cake delivery in Delhi

but before going to purchase you must know that this cake is also made up of Indian sweets, guess which one? And yes, it’s made up of Gulab Jamun, the base of this cake is made up of vanilla and sandwiched by the filling of gulab jamun extracts and whipped cream and the 3-D structures are made up of real Gulab jamun. How amazing, right? There is no time to waste, rather you can order the cakes now. Now let’s discuss the next cake.

Chocolate Cake 

In your childhood, you all ate a lot of chocolate cakes, but eating cake is a very challenging task now because nowadays everyone is very concerned about their body. It’s challenging to eat chocolate cake because it contains a high amount of sugar which is very bad for our health.

Still, now you don’t have to worry because now you have this sugar free chocolate cake. but if you think that how’s it possible to make a cake without its main ingredient, which is sugar, then let us tell you that this cake is made up of coconut sugar is not that much harmful to our body instead coconut gives us more nutrients which are very beneficial so why not buy this cake instead of those sugary cakes which contain hundreds of calories. Now let’s see the next cake which has everyone’s heart.

Mango Cake 

Mango is the national fruit of India, and there’s no doubt that every Indian loves mango a lot and what if there’s a mango flavoured cake? Yes, every mango lover fantasises about eating a mango cake once, so then let’s discuss mango cake.

The actual recipe of a mango cake is derived from the Philippines. It’s typically covered with mango cream frosting. The base comprises flavoured mango cake, which gives a more realistic taste to this cake.

So, today we discussed a lot of cake flavours and Indian sweet flavoured cakes which you never imagined before. Let’s hope that you like these flavours and cake ideas. Don’t forget to order online, don’t miss it.

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