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What Is Meant By A WordPress Website And Which Web Server Does It Use?

Creating a website is extremely important with the growing trends in the eCommerce business. It can help you reach a larger audience and build your brand loyalty. But developing a website that is unique is not an easy task. You need various features and specifications to help you uniquely launch your start up business. WordPress web development Abu Dhabi can provide you with all the necessities for designing a successful webpage.

WordPress is the inevitable name you come across from the moment you decide to build your first website. You might have also come across all the positive reviews by users who benefitted from building a Word website. But do you know exactly what a WordPress Website is and how it works? What server does it use? And how it will benefit your business.

Here is all the information that you need to equip yourself with about WordPress Website design in Dubai if you own an eCommerce business in Dubai.

What exactly is WordPress?

Well, in the simplest term, WordPress is an open-source content management system (CMS). The tool provides individuals to host, modify or build a website for personal or business purposes without any coding experience. It is easily downloadable software that anyone can use at any time. In addition, it comes free of cost.

How Can You Make Use Of WordPress?

Initially, WordPress was just a tool for creating blogs or traditional websites. But with the change in technology and software systems, you can make any website using WordPress. In addition, thanks to the massive ecosystem of various themes and plugins, the process is more straightforward and secure.

You can have full ownership and control over your website from scratch without any necessary knowledge about programming. With WordPress, you can easily create and manage content and change the appearance of your site whenever you like. Using plugins, you can also configure its setting in the built-in dashboard and make extensions to its functionality.

WordPress can help you create:

  • Websites for business
  • Websites for your eCommerce store
  • Blogs
  • Resumes
  • Portfolios
  • Network in social media
  • Membership sites

Why Would You Select WordPress For Designing Your Website?

A WordPress website design in Dubai has numerous benefits, which strengthens the reasons behind using it. They are as follows:

It’s Free For All:

You can download it to create your web design. The software doesn’t require a penny to be used. But you need to pay a third-party hosting provider to make your website go online.

It Supports All Media Types:

There is no limitation on using any significant media types. You can choose and combine any text, videos or images on your website. Therefore it provides creative freedom and makes you uniquely grow your business.

Provides Utmost Security:

The most important benefit is that it is a safe and secure platform. You can secure your folder contents with password protection. But you must be careful about malicious attacks, malware and hackers on your website. So keep your web version up to date to fight bugs and potential security threats from time to time.

Flexible and Customisable Web Designs:

A WordPress website design Dubai is exceptionally flexible and comes with different customisable options. You can keep it as simple as possible or create an in-depth website. However, if you want to use it for your start up business, you must add widgets and plugins for additional functionality.

No matter what you want to do on your website, Wordpess provides you with the chance. It doesn’t matter if you are unaware of any technical knowledge. Almost anyone can use it.

Supports Numerous Languages:

WordPress can be your most significant support if you want to reach a global audience. It entertains more than 160 languages acknowledged worldwide. Although English is the most popular language, you can take advantage of any language you feel comfortable with to address your audience.

Simplified Process of Content Creation:

It is too easy to start, and you can set up everything with just a few clicks. Once your site goes online, you can go to your dashboard menu’s ‘navigate’ section. Here you will find all the formatting tools you need to write and publish a blog. The entire editing process is also straightforward with WordPress

It’s SEO Friendly:

The success of your website design in Dubai highly depends on SEO. Therefore focusing on SEO would help you build your business. WordPress websites come with in-built tools to check whether your content is SEO friendly or not. For this, you need to spend a few more bucks from your pocket and upgrade from essential SEO tools to a WordPress SEO plugin.

Extensible Platform:

You can extend your website use to any limit, from blogging to creating an online portfolio for an eCommerce store. It also has the potential to handle any websites of flexible sizes if the web hosting plan possesses the necessary resources. WordPress also welcomes community developers. Therefore numerous themes and plugin options are available in the official library of WordPress.

Which Server Does WordPress Use?

Building a WordPress website design Dubai is impossible without a server. Web servers act as the founder of web hosting and website connectivity with the internet. Most of the hosting providers prefer Apache as their web server software. But WordPress is also flexible enough to run on other web server software. NGINX is also preferred web server software used by many.

Which Is The Best WordPress Web Server Software?

Both Apache and NGINX work fine with WordPress hosting. However, NGINX would be a better option if you want improved performance. It would offer additional benefits like static content handling, user-friendly design, heavy load responsiveness, modular setup and reverse proxy.

Final Thoughts:

Therefore, WordPress Web development Abu Dhabi offers you the flexibility to create your web design uniquely and fantastically. The platform provides versatility to design any website of your choice. Be it a charity website or a blog, or the creation of a portfolio for your eCommerce store, WordPress is your go-to option.

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