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Wedding customs specific bridal mehndi design | Simple Mehndi Design

Henna Simple Mehndi Design is decoration with body parts, hands, and feet. Applying henna is a hobby of every little girl. In different countries, henna is necessary to apply henna to every function and religious festival. Brides use henna on their wedding day henna drawings add four moons to the bridal makeup.

There are many types of henna designs.

Nowadays, henna is applied not only on the hands and feet. Now women also make henna designs on the shoulders, back, and abdomen. The sketch of the part where henna is to be applied is different. Without henna, bridal decorations are incomplete. Artists are specially heir to apply henna to the bride. Applying henna to the bride is a very laborious task.

Different designs of henna:

There are various designs for bridal henna. Each bride wears a henna design according to her taste and theme. There are many types of henna designs.

Imperial design:

Every girl is a princess of her parents. These princesses want their marriage to be like that of princesses. Some girls like the Mughal era. She poses for royal photos while applying henna on her wedding day. In this design, the artist makes the image of king and queen. A couple of king and queen is considered a symbol of love in the royal family. These designs cover the entire arm and leg.

Marriage night theme design:

Marriage is one such custom. After marriage, the girl leaves her house and settles in the boy’s house. Some girls are sensitive in this matter. This time is very critical. The girls capture this moment in their hands with a henna design. Marriage nite is a beautiful and unique design. This design looks so beautiful on the hands.

Front and back designs:

Brides draw heavy designs on her arms and legs. These designs fit on both sides of the hand. These designs are very subtle. Rajasthani designs utilize in it. On the right-hand side, the artist draws the image of an elephant, peacock, and heron.

Kaniyadan design:

In Hinduism, Kanya Dan is a rite of passage. Without this ritual, marriage is not complete in Hinduism. Some girls have the moment of Kanya Dan painted on their arms. An artist can apply such designs.

Walima ceremony design:

Some artists portray William’s function. Copula seems to welcome guests. Such designs are famous in India. These designs are unique. These designs are for both hands. People who like the moment make a picture of that moment through henna.

Lotus flower design:

Henna designs with flowers are the most popular designs. Making lotus flower motifs is a beautiful process. Such designs look attractive. Simple design that looks unique. Many people do not like to make heavy designs, so how do they make a flower garden.

Proposal mehndi designs:

The girl’s relationship comes to the girl’s house before marriage. This time is very precious for some girls. She always remembers that moment. So on her wedding day, she paints a picture of that time on her hands. This design is for both hands. It is also a beautiful design.

Half and half designs:

Half and half designs are for both hands meet. So you can see the complete design. It depicts the bride and groom, the wedding ceremony, the garden. Most of the brides want to make such designs.

Pet design:

Many people love animals. Such as dogs, cats, birds, elephants, herons. Girls paint their animals with henna on their hands to show their love for their pets. Some people paint elephants. Elephants have honor in Hinduism. That is why some girls want to draw a picture of an elephant on their hands as a devotion. Some girls paint a picture of a peacock and swang because they love birds. Such designs attract people’s attention.

Simple design:

Simple designs look great. People who don’t like over-the-top designs make simple designs. The designs look very elegant. Some girls wear light designs on their wedding day. Such as sun-like round points that look like
the sun or moon. Or simple designs of floral vines have been popular in every age.

Arabic designs:

Arabic designs are also beautiful designs for brides. Artists draw the flowers in this design. Arabic design is not a subtle design. It’s a simple design. This design gives the impression of a simple design. Arabic design is famous in Muslim countries.

Final thought:

However, from all this talk, this conclusion is drawn. Bridal’s design is not very simple. They look
so beautiful. But it takes a lot of effort to install them.

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