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Transportation in Dubai: How to get around in Dubai?

Moving around Dubai, we tend to think that Dubai is a “new” city and that perhaps the means of transport are not very developed as in cities with hundreds of years of history like New York , Madrid . But beware, if you are one of those who think this, you are or we are very wrong. Visiting Dubai you realize that it is an impressive city, with incredible buildings, and with 1st class transportation in Dubai. That it has nothing to envy other cities in the world. It is cheap, fast and comfortable. We talked about transportation in Dubai, huh? Life and tourism in Dubai are already another topic. Here we talk about how much a trip to Dubai costs and in this one we tell you what to do for free in Dubai.

Dubai is not exactly cheap destination, so we are going to leave you some tips so that your trip to Dubai is as less expensive as possible. So let’s get down to business and tell you what and how the different types of transportation in Dubai are.


This option for us is not the best way to get around Dubai. But if you are excited to drive on a 9 lane highway in each direction, you can rent a car and enjoy the city. We have even seen some luxury car rental companies such as Ferraris or Lamborghini rental Dubai.

To rent a car you will need a credit card for the deposit, the international driving license and the passport.

Transportation cards in Dubai.
Nol card

One of the first things you have to do to get around Dubai is to buy one of the Nol cards (Dubai Transport Card). These cards can be used in practically all means of transport in Dubai, metro, buses, tram and you can even use them in taxis. With these Dubai transport cards you can pay in all means operated by RTA : Metro, buses, tram and water buses.

The Red Card:

You can buy this card at any of the metro stations, at the airport … practically at all stops. This Nol card is used by us during our trip and it is perfect if you are only going to be in Dubai for a few days. The price of the card is 2 dirhams and at most you can load it with 10 trips.

The Silver Card:

This other Dubai transport card is perfect for somewhat longer trips to Dubai. It has a price of 25 Dirhams and when you buy it you have a balance of 19, so for the card you will really pay 6 dirhams. The problem is that this card is not available in all No.l card vending machines.

The Gold Card:

The price of this card is 25 EAD but unlike the others it does not have a balance and also for each trip you will pay double. Advantages? If you buy one of these you can use the VIP cars of the Dubai metro.


Abras are traditional Dubai boats that are used to cross the Dubai Creek by locals and tourists. We use them to go to the gold souk and they are an experience that you cannot miss.

And the best thing is the price of the trip, 1 dirham per passenger.

Go biking through Dubai.

Travelers with the temperatures of Dubai believe that it is not the best city in the world to travel by bicycle. But we do talk about infrastructures, the city has several bike lanes. If despite the heat you feel like pedaling, you can rent a bicycle at BYKY Station . The prices of bicycle rental in Dubai are for about 30 minutes is AED 15 and for a full day is 80 AED. Very important: Just like to rent a car you need a credit card to rent a bike in Dubai.


You can take a taxi from all over the city. You just have to raise your hand and the taxi will stop to pick you up. Taxis, as in all cities, work the same at night with the difference in price.

Dubai taxi prices are 1.96 dirham per kilometer plus the flag drop which is 9 dirham more. If you use the taxi at night it will be 1 dirhams plus the flag drop and the same price per kilometer. In Dubai there are almost 400 taxis, they are new, clean cars, many of them hybrids and all have full air conditioning. Without a doubt, taking a taxi, although it is more expensive than the metro or the bus, is a perfect option to reach some areas of the city. Checkout: Office Furniture Dubai

Water Taxi.

In Dubai taxis also go by the water saver travelers. But the bad thing about these taxis is the prices. Since they are much more expensive than other means of transport. The Water Taxi hours are from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. and can go up to 11 people.

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