Tips For Auto Dealers From Blockbuster – A Brief Guide

Urban Science and The Harris Poll revealed that “61% of consumers agree the entire vehicle purchase process will change forever due to COVID-19, especially the online experience.” 

Simon Bradley of Urban Science concludes, “It’s important to note that one-third of consumers (36%) agree that there is no reason ever to revisit a car dealership.” Bradley admits that the figures may differ on the pandemic’s other end. 

However, nobody knows how or when that will look like. The pandemic struck during the first week of springtime, and R.M. Sotheby moved their classic car auction online.

The outcome was $13.7 million of unseen car sales. Here is a sales tip for auto dealers. Make your auto dealing skills more professional with some auto sales training professionals.

Considering classic online auctions of cars don’t matter for your dealership, consider reconsidering your position. Be aware of the ghosts of the past video rental. Take note of this first stage and be aware of its direction.

Cox Automotive did a pre-COVID study of the way consumers purchase automobiles. In a report written by Penta in 2019, the survey of car buyers revealed that “61% of car shoppers’ time is spent in front of a computer.” 

This is more than half the car shoppers you see every day before the most significant increase in e-commerce we have ever witnessed. Do you have any idea of what this number could be today?

Blockbuster did not take advantage of the advent of online streaming, even despite customers’ evolving interests. Today, children don’t know what Blockbuster stores are. 

Is there a new generation that isn’t familiar with purchasing cars as we have now? We cannot be sure, but we can use what we know today. 

Your customers spend a large portion of their shopping time on the internet. Be sure that you’re present in the marketplace, also.


Mark LaNeve, head of sales marketing, service, and marketing for Ford, offered The Detroit Bureau a sobering perspective. 

When we start to understand how the pandemic is transforming the way we live, LaNeve says, “the shift to online car buying is at least three years ahead” than LaNeve had hoped it would be. Dealerships can adjust by focusing on excellent online sales experience. 

Eliminate the online forms and replace them with your salesperson in the form or live chat. Make an effort to recreate the live sales online concerning attention. With consumers spending their time on the internet, delays in response times are sure to affect sales. 

Parts eCommerce platforms such as RevolutionParts also allow customers for dealerships to be replaced with Parts Inquiry forms by incorporating an interactive buying of parts Storefront Plugin. 

Customers can browse for the accessories and parts they require and forward their order directly to the parts department to be fulfilled.

User-Friendly Website

User-friendly, attractive websites are essential. Create your first impression online in the same way as you would in a physical retail store. 

The ability to look at your inventory and check for the quality of the product based on its VIN or make and model is crucial to delivering the most optimal user experience, thereby increasing the number of repeat customers. 

Third-party platforms that are well-integrated, use these approaches to help your customers smoothly through the buying process. 

Offering inventory on well-known online marketplaces such as Amazon as well as eBay is an additional option to make sure your auto customers will be able to locate them at any time, from anywhere.

Any channel you use, vehicle customization, and payment must be available to everyone regardless of their level of technical expertise. 

This means that large buttons on each inventory page must indicate the location of parts, accessories, and shopping carts for that specific vehicle. They should also show how they can transfer their entire purchase to their online cart.

Today, accessories sales are more likely to succeed because customers can explore their choices. 

Connecting accessories to cars electronically and then viewing them from different angles is more appealing than ever. Customers can play with accessory packages without being pushed by an agent selling them. 

If they are presented correctly, accessories sales will increase exponentially, and so will car purchases made online. In 2021, adaptability will mean upgrading your website’s appearance to focus on digital retail.

Market Your Ability To Do Online Sales

Make sure your store is stable by promoting the ability to easily create an online sale of your car by learning a
car sales training guide. If you aren’t able to conduct a complete online sale, make sure you get them as far into the selling process as you can. 

Then make it clear that they will need to visit the dealership to officially sign the contract to register the sale.

A majority of the world’s population is connected to social media. These are the steps you can undertake to stay active on the internet and draw leads for sales on the internet:

The average user spends more than two hours daily on social media sites. The best online presence for social networks is one that is an active and active one that is responsive.

Create A Website That Is Easy To Locate

Constantly and consistently communicate your desire, enthusiasm, and ability to sell cars on the internet.

The many ways you can serve customers in 2021 must be the basis of a mission statement. Make sure to announce your latest digital retailing options through social media, email, and even a web banner. 

Customers who wish to visit will be there. Others will appreciate how you can meet their desires and preferences.

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