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Microsoft Sharepoint is a package of various digital tools focused on teamwork and intended to be used. In the construction of websites, intranets, workflows, and the implementation of solutions SharePoint Consulting. For all types of processes in the business ecosystem.

Years ago, implementing this software package required a significant investment in infrastructure and the company’s IT department. Microsoft Sharepoint Online, integrated within the solutions offered in Office 365 Business, focuses on changing the paradigm.

Many companies have integrated the use of Microsoft Sharepoint Online and the various Microsoft solutions for business, as a starting point in their digital conversion. Among the most relevant uses and improvements, the following can be mentioned.

Reinvent the workspace

During the natural growth of any company in the current scenario, its operations come to depend on work teams between tens, hundreds, and even thousands of employees working simultaneously daily.

If we add to this the probability that operations depend on the mobility of positions and positions designated to link, visit and transfer functions, integrating all the variables in the same workflow can end up being a significant challenge.

The implementation of Sharepoint Online opens the door to solutions designed to integrate different tasks and work environments, in the same process flow, by allowing users to access information and tools from fixed or portable devices.

Regarding communication between employees, the improvement of the work environment and the formation of a community capable of exchanging ideas through Yammer, the corporate social network, as well as the realization of effective videoconferences through Skype for Business will generate a common framework from where new solutions will easily arise.

With the use of sites dedicated to working teams and the interoperability of Office and SharePoint tools, together with their portability, the workspace is redefined, increasing the effectiveness of collaborators on the move or in different locations.

Share resources online

In the current ecosystem, many companies depend on the generation of audio, video, and image multimedia files for their operations, as well as their standardization in documents that meet quality standards.

By using SharePoint Online, the creation of shared file repositories among all the collaborators of the same company becomes an automated and highly configurable process, which increases the speed of propagation and use of vital information.

Being all these processes in the cloud guaranteed by OneDrive technology, a single version of all documents and work files can be edited simultaneously through the co-authoring function, regardless of whether the collaborators share the office or the country.

This, combined with the powerful security and privacy managers that control access to information, offer an agile experience, in addition to guaranteeing security in the handling of company information.

Reduce investment in infrastructure

The need to integrate IT solutions to a workload that is expected to be constantly growing implies. In many cases, private investment in terms of infrastructure and human resources; purchasing expensive storage and management equipment; and raising the IT department’s payroll.

With the development and implementation of Microsoft Sharepoint Online with SharePoint Consulting. Available in the Office 365 for Business suite of comprehensive solutions, all processing operations are performed. In the cloud, thus reducing the need for your own servers.

Ease the workload of all collaborators

It is a recognizable fact that companies integrate short or medium-range solutions. During their initial formation: most of them involve a learning arc for employees. Dedicated to said solutions, in addition to a sum of steps to work between various computer programs.

The various Microsoft Office tools are widely popular around the globe with SharePoint Consulting. And there are virtually no users without at least basic familiarity with some of its office applications.

This trait tends to eliminate and even shorten the learning curve for all contributors. To become familiar with Sharepoint solutions;

Focused workers, who carry out their activities in standardized tasks without additional steps. Are equivalent to happy and active workers in the real needs of the company. Which in many cases depends on customer service, human quality, and even coexistence between all parties.

By implementing Sharepoint Online, available within the package of comprehensive business. Solutions Office 365 for Business, companies are acquiring the necessary tools to improve work dynamics. Increase productivity and the operability of their business.

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