How to Score 125+ Marks in Ethics? | Ethics Integrity and Aptitude

I got 111 in ethics paper which is probably the good mark I think. So, I think I can share my strategy regarding the same. Though I was not able to make it to the final list because of some marks. But I did in the mains well.

During my preparation I solely relied on Roy sir’s classes of EDEN IAS. Since last year was the pandemic year, so classes were online, I also joined the Ethics test series last year. But u can’ t believe how addictive his classes is Though Ansari Sir has name for Ethics Integrity and Aptitude in the market, but Tirthankar Roychowdhary Sir is something else, no one can give notes like him and no one can teach like him.

Apart from this what tactics I also followed are:

I collected thoughts of some thinkers, that need to be used in answers. And I read only those thinkers who had influenced me personally – like APJ Abdul kalam, Swami Vivekananda etc. Eden IAS 70 Thinkers book here come to my rescue. | Ethics Integrity and Aptitude

I collected some important anecdotes from their lives which I could use in answers.

For eg- Gandhiji didn’t copy in a dictation test and wrote a wrong spelling. He didn’t mind to be a disgrace but didn’t want to be dishonest.

Similarly, APJ abdul Kalam sir denied using glass pieces on compound walls of DRDO for security purpose, saying that birds would perch on compound walls and glass pieces would hurt them.

I collected a lot of such examples. I used to read about them out of my own interest, and not very particularly for the exam.

As I am a fan of TED talks so I quoted even those inspiring talks in answers. | Ethics Integrity and Aptitude

I also made a word file of important ethics vocabs. I collected examples for each of these words and put them under the respective words.

One important point is there is no one good format in which questions have to be approached. There is a widespread feeling that ethics answers have to be in paragraphs to give it that organic flow. I personally wrote most of the answers in tabular format. I went through some topper’s copies. I incorporated SWOT diagrams in ethics paper also.

In the introduction, in some case studies, I used the format of fact premises and value premises.

Never keep the approach for all the case studies same. Structure every case study differently so that there is no monotony.  But don’t forget to mention key stake holders. | Ethics Integrity and Aptitude

I have taken ethics classes from EDEN IAS, and it was Roy Chowdhury Sir (Mr. Tirthankar Roychowdhary) who made my Ethics concepts strong. Even after joining the institute, I upgraded my marks too.

Hope this will come in rescue of those, who are confused about ETHICS Classes…😊

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