You can use Yahoo in the business to stay in touch with the employees and customers through messages or email. But there is another way to do so by visiting the Yahoo profile to find more details about you. This is the reason that people want to make sure that the provided information while creating a Yahoo account is reliable.

You can change all of the details on the Yahoo account like a birth date. Yes, you can make changes in Birth Date in Yahoo Account. If you want to update the account for accuracy then, move ahead with the post.  Yahoo had added an alternate security question. Users were advisable to secure their accounts with phishing scams by adding one more security question.

An overview of changing Birth Date in Yahoo Account

When you answer the security questions the changing method will be available then after 35 days. Yahoo has made excellent efforts when the users realize the importance of securing their account login details.

Change Birth Date on Yahoo Mail

When it comes to make changes in Birth Date in Yahoo Account, one should do is to edit the profile. We are here with the exact as you only have to follow the steps. These steps are ideal with the All-new Yahoo email interface through the Chrome web browser. This browser is trusted and famous across the world because of its simple functions.

  • First of all, sign in to your Yahoo mail account by entering the credentials
  • Click on the name that appears at the right of the Yahoo mail logo and chooses “Profile” from the menu
  • You will see the Yahoo Pulse service page and there you can change your birthday at Yahoo. Click on “Info” appears from the left panel
  • All of the details in the profile are there isolated into different categories
  • After that, click on the “Edit” option that appears beside the Basics section heading
  • Then, select the appropriate month, year, and date and click on the “Save” option. It will definitely change the birth date that is stored in the Yahoo profile

Steps to Update First, Last and Display Name

There might be instances when you think to change some more personal info at the Yahoo account. You can update first, last, and display names and it depends on the Yahoo product. It might appear to other users on this service like the name appears next to any posted comment on Yahoo News.

  • First of all, open the Yahoo Personal Info page
  • There you have to choose Edit appears in the top-right corner
  • Edit the account name and nickname
  • There you will see the Done option appears on the right-side

You also have the facility to change the sending name in the new emails that appear to the mail recipients

  • First and foremost, login to the New Mail
  • You have to go to the Settings menu icon there
  • Choose Mailboxes and then, choose the account you want to edit
  • Delete or edit the name that appears under the name
  • In the end, choose Save and you are all set

Steps to Hide Birthday on Yahoo Mail

Yahoo has moved most of the account services into the united profile by following the same basic principles which Facebook and Google will take for joined logins. If you want to set up your profile a long time ago and have left some details visible to the public then, you should make them private. Particularly, making your birth date makes it tough for the thieves to impersonate you. Contact Yahoo Help to get assistance regarding the same.

  • First and foremost, sign into the Yahoo Profile
  • Then, click on the “Edit” option
  • Now, slide the toggle next to “Birthdate” to make it private
  • After that, click on the Save when you are all set

These are a few steps through which you can make changes in Birth Date in your Yahoo Account. Also, after changing the bird date you can hide that information to be visible publically.

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