Best Men’s Beachwear Shorts You Really Need

The top men’s swim trunks may not be the most popular at the moment. You’re excited to get out your new spring jacket and that the temperatures are on the rise, which is a welcome change from the bitter cold of winter. Even if you don’t swim a lot right now, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t get a new suit. The fact is that the best swim trunks for men are made to double as shorts. (Undoubtedly, shorts weather will soon be here.

The right pair of swim trunks will look great with your entire wardrobe. They can be worn anywhere, from the beach to work to the gym to the beach, and they won’t stand out at all. If you have the chance to go for a swim in your friend’s pool or spend the weekend at a beach home in the not too distant future, don’t miss it. You’ll be ready to go and perfectly dressed. With all this in mind, here are 31 top-quality multi-purpose, next-generation, and all-around great mens beachwear you can buy now.

Swim trunks that are the best,

We want our trunks to be comfortable and above the knee, with enough thigh show; lots of pockets because we love them; and sturdy fabric that dries quickly and performs well in water. (A silky-soft mesh lining doesn’t hurt, either.) Bather’s signature model, a small independent label from Toronto, hits all the right marks. They have the perfect inseam for almost every body type and can withstand heavy washing cycles, beach days, gym workouts, weekends, and weekend hangs. They also come in many solid colors and wild patterns, from plain-jane white and trippy florals to plain-jane navy and wavy. It’s almost impossible to not find one that suits you. This abstract tie-dye piece is our favorite. It will make your warm-weather looks great.

The Best Elevated Swimming Trunks

It is difficult to set a new standard for mens compression underwear. Did it with the aptly-named New Standard jeans. They introduced stiff, selvage denim for a new generation. Common Projects also managed it with the Achilles Low, their luxed-up, Italian-made take on a white tennis shoe. Orlebar Brown did the same thing for swimwear just a decade ago with the Bulldog. These pants are as tailored as suit trousers, with fetching buckled side tabs to keep them extra snug in the waves. They also have the same pockets and zip flies as regular bottoms. All are made from lightweight, quick-drying nylon that won’t fade significantly over time. You get a pair that is so intuitive and definitive it’s hard for anyone to believe that no one has ever thought of making them this way before.

The Most Affordable Swim Trunks

Patagonia Baggies were the ones who launched swimwear shorts. They’ve been the warm weather bottoms for hardcore climbers, deep-sea fishers, camper van lifers, and dedicated Deadheads for nearly 40 years. They’ve been popularized as the summer uniform of a select group of young men. As they have become more practical and outdoorsy in recent years. They appeal to all of these demographics. They are tough, lightweight, stylish, and affordable. Patagonia makes them so you can be sure you are supporting a company that is almost always right.

The Best Yacht-Lolling Swim Trunks

Brazil’s Frescobol Carioca is a specialist in resort wear, a sub-genre that we call “extremely rich-guy resort wear.” It’s a specialty of their prints and it feels perfect for the Most Interesting Man-type. Who steps off a private helicopter onto the helipad on his megayacht, 200 feet in length in St. Tropez. Although you won’t be able to live like that man, you can still have his bathing suit. These guys will look just as good at the pool in a polo shirt as they do at dinner dressed in a sports coat and loafers.

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