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As I do every year around this time, I’m happy to share some impressive statistics about Amazon Prime’s success on Prime Day. I hope you’ll find these helpful (check out my 2016, 2017, 2019, 2020, and 2021 posts for a look back). A first-aid kit, wood brown 3D printer filament, and a nonstock frying pan are just a few of the many things I’ve purchased this year.

Political Leaders from Abroad

According to the official news release we disseminated, during black Friday deals prime members around the world purchased more than 100,000 products per minute. Amazon Devices, Consumer Electronics, and Home were the top three most popular product groups.

The animation was produced by Amazon Web Services.

As it has every year since the launch of Amazon Prime Day, Amazon Web Services was crucial to the event’s success. Various departments at Two Pizza worked together to satisfy customers’ every whim. Our entire infrastructure had to be scaled and tested.

Information About the Amazon Aurora Cloud

Aurora handled 288 billion transactions, 1849 terabytes of storage, and 749 terabytes of data transmission on Prime Day. PostgreSQL and MySQL-compatible versions of amazon books kindle coupons Aurora were each used by 5,326 separate database instances.

It’s hosted on Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud.

The total number of normalized instances in Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) has increased by 12% since Amazon began preparing for Amazon Prime Day 2022. Internally, processing power is quantified by the number of normalized cases. Since more AWS Graviton2 processors were put to use, the server equivalent footprint increased by just 7% from Cyber Monday 2021. This resulted directly from the events described above.

Amazon S3 Elastic Block Store

In anticipation of Amazon Prime Day, the company’s IT department boosted EBS’s total storage capacity by 152 petabytes. A total of 11.4 trillion queries and 532 petabytes of data were processed by the resulting fleet every single day. Notably, Amazon used about 4% less EBS storage and delivered 13% less data during this Prime Day compared to last year’s Prime Day.

Services Exclusive to Amazon

It’s because many of Amazon’s internal services have become more effective in preparation for Prime Day. Following graph displays the dramatic increase in data transfer during Amazon Prime Day.

Consumers who use Amazon’s SES on Prime Day

On Prime Day, Amazon’s Simple Email Service (SES) delivered a record-breaking 33,000 emails per second, most of which were sent to inform customers of sales or confirm orders.

Simple Amazon Waiting List Service

On Prime Day, Amazon’s Simple Queue Service (SQS) hit a record peak throughput of 70.5 million messages per second. Many high-traffic Amazon domains and systems, such as Alexa, Amazon’s websites, and all of Amazon’s distribution hubs, are powered by Amazon DynamoDB, the company’s enterprise database.

Outstanding Data-Base Availability

The APIs of these devices made a total of one trillion calls to the DynamoDB database while Amazon Prime Day was in progress. DynamoDB was able to process 105.2 million queries per second in a matter of milliseconds without compromising its high availability.

Professional Amazonian Oracle Reader

More than a hundred million orders were fulfilled by Amazon Sage Maker on Prime Day, 2022. These results were attainable because of Amazon Sage Maker. Using Amazon Sage Maker, the Amazon Robotics Pick Time Estimator trains a machine learning model to foresee how long a pick operation will take. This is made possible by the Pick Time Estimator developed by Amazon Robotics.

Amazon’s Quick Sight works like this.

During Amazon Prime Day, hundreds of thousands of Amazon employees used Amazon Quick Sight to monitor KPIs in dashboards and ask questions.

More than a thousand members of Amazon’s Prime Day teams from 24 countries are included. Quick Sight processed 500 requests per minute per data set at its peak on Prime Day, when millions of users accessed the service for business insights.

Planned Ahead of Time for 2022’s Dominance

This marks a major milestone in the company’s long and illustrious history. Package Planning Strategy. In North America, package-planning systems processed sixty million AWS Lambda calls. On the busiest day of Prime 2022, Amazon S3 handled 17 GB of compressed data, while Amazon DynamoDB handled 64 million items.

We’ll be using Amazon Elastic ache, Amazon Kinesis (with 200 million events included), and Amazon Simple Queue Service (with 50 million events managed). Aside from that, these infrastructures processed 50 million Amazon Simple Queue Service events. This was accomplished while simultaneously processing fifty million requests through the Amazon Simple Queue Service.

Prepare to Move Up a Gear

In order to succeed, meticulous planning is essential. Given its centrality to the overall success of Amazon Prime Day and our other large-scale events. Success for Prime Day and our other major events depends on it. The deciding factor lies in this particular area.

The Incident Management Framework for Amazon Web Services

The AWS Infrastructure Event Management service is an excellent choice if you need to organize a one-off event that will attract attendees on their own (IEM). As part of the IEM engagement, my team will offer advice on both architecture and operations. This data can help you plan for the event’s success.

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