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7 Reasons in Favor of Using WordPress for Website Development

Any modern company must have a website to maintain its online presence. A website also enables firms to compete and develop on all frontiers. As a result, many businesses consider developing websites. WordPress is an option you must have seen if you also want to follow the example and build a website. WordPress is a top CMS for building a variety of websites. So, to create a flawless website, you may rely on WordPress website development services.

But before we go to the conclusion, let’s take further insights into it.

What is WordPress?

What is WordPress development, for instance, is an obvious question that could cross your thoughts. WordPress is a well-known website building platform since it is an open-source CMS. A CMS (Content Management System) is software that enables non-technical users to generate, administer, and alter website content.

In other words, it is a platform that enables the creation and management of websites without the need to start from scratch.

As a result, WordPress provides a ready-to-use framework for creating, maintaining, and publishing websites. But it’s not just about WordPress, either. Additionally, the public may see its source code because it is an open-source CMS.

Therefore, anyone may use it to alter and create distinctive solutions to their needs.

WordPress is mistakenly thought of as merely a blogging platform. However, it has gradually developed from a simple blogging platform into a fully-fledged CMS. As a result, it’s employed to build a variety of websites, including blogs, company portals, personal websites, and e-commerce sites.

Several statistics on WordPress website development

It is now the most in-demand content management system. How? WordPress runs 43% of websites on the internet, which attests to its fame. Although there are several CMS available, WP has a far larger user base than these CMSs.

Leading businesses choose WordPress for their websites

Without a question, WordPress is a reliable option for creating websites and has many great features. As a result, a lot of companies use this CMS. Aside from a large number of average businesses, numerous prestigious brands also use this site.

Let’s clear your questions about vs.!

There is a difference between and that you should be aware of while using WordPress. There is a substantial difference between them. Furthermore, is mentioned while discussing open-source WordPress. It is a self-hosted website platform, thus you must select a domain and hosting. Both the front end and the back end of a website exist.

The web server enters the image at the back end. A website is accessible to everyone on the internet because it is stored on a server or web host. The CMS also provides a wide range of back-end features, including website updating, customization, page creation, and more.

You may access the open-source version of the platform for free at It is also one of the numerous factors that everyone is adopting WordPress. is a hosted platform that offers hosting and domain registration in addition to features for creating websites. However, there are certain restrictions, such as the free edition’s capability to add plugins or themes. Although the open-source edition provides more flexibility, the commercial version does give some flexibility.

Website Development

The benefits of using WordPress development services


WordPress is a very adaptable framework for web building with great customization capabilities. It offers complete customization as an open-source platform. The platform allows developers to create unique solutions to client requests. Additionally, depending on your needs, users can use it to develop simple or complex solutions.

You may choose from a variety of WordPress themes to give your website a unique look. Similar to that, you may include a variety of plugins into your website to offer more features. Indeed, plugins enable the integration of additional functions that are not offered by already-existing websites.

The best thing is that you may work with a WordPress developer to design a unique website that meets your needs. 

The platform gives you the freedom to create whatever you desire. To help the developer create a customized solution, you can communicate your demands.

CMS with good SEO

To increase online traffic to your website, SEO is essential. A website is created with a certain goal in mind, whether it be to make purchases, join up for something, read news, subscribe to anything, or anything else. As a result, every website works to increase visitors to achieve its objective.

To increase traffic, you must optimize your website for search engines. To accomplish your objectives, you must create an SEO-friendly website.

Fortunately, WordPress is a pretty dependable platform in terms of SEO. Indeed, Google adores the platform.

Additionally, you may select the ideal technology partner to create a search engine-friendly website. There are various WordPress development businesses from which to select to build websites that are search engine friendly.


WordPress is a generally safe and secure platform. However, weaknesses might develop primarily as a result of improper actions. WordPress also provides a simple method to increase website security with tools like password protection for folders. Regular CMS updates will also aid in thwarting any attacks and problems. Additionally, it makes it simple to activate SSL certificates.

Integrating WordPress security plugins makes it simple to improve website security. In addition, it provides two-factor authentication with an additional layer of security, making it more difficult for hackers to access the website.


The majority of the topics we covered above are for beginners. But it also boasts a lot of cutting-edge features. Developers may create apps for the WordPress platform thanks to its REST API. Interestingly, the REST API for WordPress allows you to use any coding language that supports HTTP requests instead of forcing you to use PHP.

You may make an app that achieves your goals using this API. For an alternative admin experience, you may, for instance, write a custom plugin. Alternatively, you may create something for front-end modifications. To do this, you may also pick the WordPress website development company of your preference.

Improve speed

Websites that load slowly are worthless. Fortunately, WordPress has several particular components and features that you may use to accelerate your website. It offers powerful website optimization options to improve your site’s operation and speed.

For example, you may lighten the load by using a lightweight website theme. In addition, you may speed up websites by using Gzip compression, minifying JS and CSS, sophisticated caching, etc.

Adopt the proper strategy when developing websites. For helpful hints, go through the extensive WordPress developer guide. Additionally, you may use a WordPress development specialist’s assistance to generate optimized code for a quicker-loading website.

Multilingual & built-in blogging

The fact that WordPress CMS has built-in blogging tools right out of the box is a significant benefit. It was the first blogging service, after all. Therefore, you may use blogging tools to publish articles online. This will assist you in marketing and increasing website traffic.

Because it provides a quick way to add media assets to your content, the platform enables you to produce media-rich content. You may incorporate infographics, movies, photos, and other materials into your article.

WordPress is a multilingual platform since it supports more than 160 languages in the world. You may thus build a website to appeal to a worldwide audience. You may also produce material that appeals to viewers throughout the world.

Easy integrations

Fortunately, WordPress is compatible with a wide range of other programs and services. So with this platform, third-party integration is a breeze. Similar to plug-and-play, it makes it simple to incorporate third-party technologies.

You can add a lot of plugins to your website to get the functionalities you want. As a result, you can easily connect services like payment gateways, Google Analytics, marketing tools, and a myriad of other tools.

The majority of third-party solutions are created with WordPress in mind due to the CMS’s popularity. Using this CMS for your website gives you the advantage. In any case, you have the choice to work with a WordPress development company to create a unique solution.

Don’t overlook the factors to take into account for creating a successful WordPress website if you intend to utilize this CMS to build your website.

How to Choose the Best WordPress Development Company

You must pick the best tech partner if you want to create a fantastic website. However, choosing the finest WordPress development company might be difficult due to the abundance of options.

But don’t be alarmed!

We are here to provide you with some helpful advice so you can choose the best IT partner. Check out the following advice:

Check related experience

You may require people with varying degrees of skill depending on the project’s requirements. To see if it suits your needs, look at the developer’s experience.

Review portfolio

The developer’s portfolio gives information about the types of projects they have worked on. To learn more about their talents and determine whether they can match your demands, look at their portfolio.

Look up ratings

To learn about the experiences of the company’s previous clients, you should read its reviews and ratings. It aids in determining if they fulfill their promises about quality and delivery.

Keep team size in mind

Although team size may seem like a minor consideration, it is essential when working on a difficult or huge project. Since they need enough team members for a turnaround, you should confirm this.

Collaboration and dialogue

Verify the company’s ability to collaborate and communicate to make sure they can meet your needs effectively and on time.

How Do Kreationsites Fit Your Needs?

Kreationsites, a top WordPress web development company, is skilled at providing first-rate solutions. As needed by clients, our developers can complete projects to the highest standard. We can offer superior service since we have more than ten years of experience. For clients, we can create cutting-edge solutions that will provide them with a competitive advantage.

Final thought

When it comes to creating websites, many people use WordPress. This CMS has a sizable user base due to its amazing features and simplicity of use. To design your website, you can think about working with a WordPress web development business. You may create a safe, fast-loading, feature-rich, and user-friendly website with this CMS. Furthermore, it’s easy to manage and customize your website.

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