10 Best Web Push Notification Software in 2022

Have you ever noticed those messages that appear in the corner of your screen and announce, “Breaking News! We have the hottest sale for you!”. Push Notification

Or those alerts you receive on your phone informing you that We are currently having a birthday sale? Accept it. It did interest you, didn’t it?

The world of push notifications is yours to explore. You’ll have a classic love-hate relationship with push notifications. Why so?

Receiving those continuous beep-beep notifications can be frustrating, even if web push notifications are a great method to keep your users informed of the most recent information (and offers) that they voluntarily requested.

Did you know that a push campaign’s average CTR is 12% whereas an ad that ranks first on the search network averages around 7.11%?

In the case of a carefully focused campaign, this may reach 30%! Isn’t it high time your marketing plan incorporated push notifications? Definitely, in our opinion.

You can learn everything you need to know about push notifications from this article. We’ll also go through some of the top online push notification tools available. Voila, let’s start!

What is a push notification? 

Short, clickable messages known as push notifications appear on the screen of the device you’re using or in your browser.

It’s a channel for communication where you can swiftly make announcements, give offers, and transmit messages. Users who have chosen to get notifications will do so on either their PCs or their mobile devices.

Have you ever paid attention to the notifications that pop up on your smartphone after you install a mobile app?

For instance, you might have a fitness app installed that tells you how many steps you’ve taken. You might have also downloaded an app that tracks the financial market or provides you with live scores.

Once the program is installed, all of these are included by default and don’t need your consent. You have the choice to opt in or out of receiving push notifications on the screen.

Best software 

We’ve put together a list of the best web push notification services available.

Although the majority of them are free to use, paid versions frequently provide more features or higher quality customer service.

1) OneSignal 

You can easily incorporate OneSignal, a well-liked web push notifications program, into your WordPress website to boost user engagement. Once installed, it’s simple to use, and you may use it to notify your visitors with precise push notifications.

OneSignal makes it simple to configure notification delivery, develop user segmentation, and personalize the visitor opt-in procedure.

You might start with the free plan offered by OneSignal. With a little customization, you can target up to 10,000 subscribers. You might take a look at their subscription programs for additional features.

2) Swipecart 

A non-technical person can also use Swipecart easily, download the plugin, and you can also get a free mobile app for your Shopify store. Then send push notifications through your mobile app. There are many other features of Swipecart, visit and do try it out on a trial basis. 

3) PushEngage 

Another well-liked WordPress plugin, PushEngage, enables you to re-engage your audience with web push notifications. On desktop and mobile devices, it supports browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari, and Opera.

PushEngage is simple to set up, and you can start using it right away. Both a free and premium subscription are available from PushEngage.

4) iZooto

To re-engage and keep your audience, you can use iZooto’s web push notifications and mobile app push notifications.

Even when your users aren’t on your site, web push notifications can be delivered in real-time on desktop and mobile browsers.

5) PushAssist

Another extensive web push notification plugin is PushAssist. Yoonitor allows you to monitor all the key features and analytics from your WordPress admin panel thanks to its amazing dashboard.

6) PushCrew 

The PushCrew smart code will be included immediately on your WordPress website as part of the PushCrew online push notification platform.

You must provide your account ID in the plugin’s settings before utilizing PushCrew. In addition to receiving push alerts whenever a new post is published, you can use the meta box to block any page or post.

7) Webpushr 

With Webpushr, you can quickly send web push alerts to your subscribers across all widely used browsers. 

Once Webpushr is configured, opt-in notifications are displayed to website visitors. Once they’ve agreed, you can inform them whenever you like.

Along with standalone websites, Webpushr also provides top-notch assistance for WooCommerce websites. Any time a new product is released, a discount is offered, a deal is being promoted, or a cart is abandoned, web push alerts can be sent automatically.

All plugin capabilities, including dashboard views, subscriber logs, notification data, and automatically triggered push notifications, are available with Webpushr’s free subscription, which has a cap of 10,000 subscribers.

8) WonderPush 

No technical knowledge is needed to install WonderPush, which just takes a few minutes. When a new post is published, subscribers who have left your site still receive web push notifications from WonderPush.

By including a browser prompt or a bell widget at the bottom of the page, you may encourage website users to sign up for your web push notifications.

Owners of WooCommerce sites can re-engage shoppers who left the store without checking out by using the “Abandoned Cart Reminder” feature.

WonderPush allows you to send an unlimited number of web push alerts. You must enroll in a premium plan, which costs €1 per month plus €1 for every 1000 subscribers. You could use WonderPush’s 14-day free trial to test it out.

9) Push Notifications for WordPress (Lite)

You may deliver push alerts to Android and iOS devices with Push Notifications for WordPress (Lite). For this, you don’t have to put in additional effort to create your own server-side backend because the material for the apps is automatically pulled from your WordPress website.

You can send a maximum of 1,000 alerts per post per platform with Push Notifications for WordPress (Lite), meaning 1,000 notifications per post for each iOS and Android device.

10) PushAlert

Utilize the PushAlert web push notifications WordPress plugin to quickly turn your site visitors into subscribers. You may set up push alerts to be sent out automatically each time you publish a new post using the editor’s simple interface.

The complete web push notification subscription procedure may be translated into multiple languages using PushAlert. To increase opt-in and create a more individualized experience for your subscribers, customize the opt-in prompts with themes and present them in their native tongue.

Wrapping up 

These are the 10 best software if you 

are looking forward to starting push notifications. We all know how important push notifications are, then why miss the chance to re-target your customers? 

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