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Xfinity Internet Blast Deals

What can you expect from Xfinity Services?

The Xfinity is a top Internet service provider in the United States, offering reliable and seamless connectivity. Xfinity makes use of a cutting-edge coaxial cable system that offers high-speed upload and download speeds. It is especially known for providing unlimited wireless internet for rural areas.

Along with high-speed internet well as HD cable. As well as digital phones and even a home security system. You can choose a standalone or bundle it to get some incredible discounts.

Xfinity Customer Service is a solid support system that can assist you with any internet and cable networks issues and phone and security for your home. You can contact them with questions about bills or troubleshooting issues, as well as for other services.

Xfinity Internet Blast Deals

Xfinity Features

Here are some incredible features that you can avail of by using the Xfinity Internet and Xfinity phone service.

Xfinity Flex

Get a 4K TV for free for every Xfinity Internet plan. Xfinity Flex is a streaming service that allows users to stream thousands of TV and movies programs in HD. There is no additional cost to purchase either the Flex TV box or the service.

Unlimited Nationwide Calling

It will make you connect with your family and friends across the country by using Xfinity Phone. You can now make unlimited calls across the nation using the phone and remain in touch with your loved ones.

Seamless Connectivity

Xfinity Internet offers seamless connectivity with high-quality home WiFi.

Crystal-Clear Voice

Xfinity phone offers the most reliable service, and you will enjoy a clear, crystal-clear voice for a continuous connection.

Xfinity Internet Blast Deals

Its Blast Internet has download speeds of up to 400Mbps for all of your streaming and entertainment requirements. With Xfinity Blast! You can stream across many devices. You can also work from home and download movies and TV shows onto your mobile devices.

Xfinity Blast Review

The specifics that are included in Xfinity Blast! Differ based on the region you live in if you live within regions like the Northeastern and Western areas of the United States, the Blast! The plan offers download speeds of as high as 400 Mbps. The upload speeds range from 20 to 20 Mbps.

As opposed to the Northeastern Division, the Central regions of the United States have download speeds that can reach 200 Mbps.

  • The Xfinity Internet services are bundled with a minimum year of service contract.
  • Every one of the Xfinity internet plans comes with monthly data limits of 1TB.
  • You can also get Xfinity Flex for free with all internet plans, including Xfinity Blast.
  • In addition to the monthly fees and fees, you will also have to pay a rental fee for a monthly xFi Gateway Modem/modem, which costs only $13 per month.

Fees and Equipment

Apart from the regular monthly fees mentioned earlier, There are additional costs.

  • Xfinity provides customers with the option to make use of the equipment they own. If they do not, they can lease Xfinity equipment at a monthly cost of $14.
  • The cost of installation is $89.99 to have a professional install. It can be possible to avoid this fee by choosing self-installation.
  • The data limits are 1.2 1TB per month. It will require an enormous amount of time to use all the data within a month. But if you go over the limit amount. You could be penalized $50.


Xfinity Blast Internet is ideal for homes with a regular schedule and offers excellent speed for connecting multiple devices simultaneously without compromising connectivity. Find the top Xfinity Internet and Phone deals by using LocalCableDeals. Xfinity assures reliability and excellent service, and 24-hour assistance.

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