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Working with an expert in online education

Relationship with an expert

If you choose to work as an operational partner marketing an expert, then all intellectual property will belong to the expert. He still has a base, and even if you can take the base with you, she does not trust you but is an expert.

Initially, proceed from the fact that the product that you launch with an expert in general if it is done from 0 and jointly. Start work only after signing the contract.

If you are building a school, be guided by the fact that the base has become familiar with several faces. In this case, if you end cooperation with one of the experts, you can continue to develop the base and work with it.

It is also worth understanding that sales do not always occur because of a star expert. Sales occur because the configured system works. And if it is configured correctly, the Expert Advisor can be replaceable.

From a legal point of view, you need to arrange everything so that your brand, as a school, is separate, and the brand of the producer – his name – is separate.

If the expert does not agree to the condition that the product will also be your intellectual property, agree that you can use his product for another 4 – 6 months. During this time, you will be able to re-record the course with another expert and extend the business uptime.

If an expert requires payment for their work before a course launches and you don’t know if the course will sell or not, arrange for the first few lessons to be recorded. After the launch, look at the first sales results and then pay (or abandon the project if the sales did not bring results).

When negotiating with an expert, position your activity as an online school, and him as one of the teachers. Then the issue of intellectual property will be clearer to both.

Experts are often emotional people who, in difficult situations or high income, blow their minds, and they begin to act illogically.

Therefore, we sign the contract correctly, take into account the right to intellectual property, build our separate brand, negotiate correctly and clearly, and remember that in online schools the main thing is not an expert, but a working system and technology.



Remote education and work concept
Remote education and work concept

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Ideally, you need to do everything as follows.

  1. The expert prescribes everything through automatic lessons.
  2. We disconnect the chief expert from the process, we pay him money for the work done.
  3. We connect an expert curator to the work, who connects to the maintenance of the videos that the expert recorded.
  4. Next, a star expert is invited, with whom we record 2 or 3 lessons so that we can put it on the cover.

Thus, an expert who maintains processes and receives a salary is interchangeable, and a stable, profitable system is obtained, which cannot be affected by the human factor of an expert.

The documents are signed, the intellectual property is yours. Now you do not run the risk that if your expert goes on a drinking binge, you will lose business.

What to do for an expert

The internal structure of the experts can be divided into several types:

1. Experts with entrepreneurial abilities, with management abilities.

This means that you can simultaneously record a course, control a product, manage a team, and develop it all.

To speed things up, package yourself up as an automated online school. Record a series of video tutorials, say, for 2 months.

It is very difficult to conduct live training and control the team at the same time. So you hire people for some roles and become a founding owner.

2. Creative experts.

This means that you need to look for a person who will take on the tasks of promotion and packaging.

In this case, do not sign obscure papers, and the intellectual property will belong to you. If you lose a manager, you can replace him without any questions.

3. Star experts.

This means that you have a powerful personal brand and the best producers will be happy to partner with you.

How to attract good experts

The first thing you should have is good traffic. This means that you have to give the expert a stage for 100 people. For an expert to get 100 viewers and sell a product to some. He needs to spend about 100,000 rubles on attractions.

Thus, you give the expert the benefit in the form of loyal customers, while you receive content for your course.

This method works even when you have no money, but you want to work with a good expert.

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