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Why should I make my website static with headless WordPress?

What is a Static WordPress Website?

Static websites often contain a certain number of pages with a predetermined structure. When the page is loaded into a browser, the content is static and does not respond to user input. In basic text editors like Notepad, a static website is generally constructed using HTML and CSS.

If you require a website with fewer than three pages, a static website is the best option. It does not require as much time or work to create as dynamic websites do. If the appearance of your website’s pages must differ, the HTML code may be readily replicated on each of these pages, with the required adjustments.

Static websites don’t have to include simply plain text, even if the website will present the same thing with no complicated navigation features. You can, in fact, utilize a variety of multimedia components and movies. Regardless of what activities a user performs on an HTML website, the page’s source code will remain unchanged. A static webpage is still supplied to you by a “web server,” but it doesn’t need the presence of an application like WordPress to meet you at the door. A static site is like an expert mind-reader, able to meet you at the door with a nicely wrapped gift of precisely what you asked for, without having to ask you what you want and then go looking for it in a dusty back room while you wait.

What is the benefit of a Static headless WordPress Website? 

It is Faster

Static sites are typically quicker since each page is prerendered – the pages can be provided to the user rapidly because there is no underlying processing server, no database queries, and no PHP processing. They’re also quicker because every page may be delivered over a CDN. Only static content like pictures, CSS, and JS may be CDNed in a normal dynamic site. The HTML pages themselves, on the other hand, cannot since they are virtual.

When you convert your Headless WordPress Development website to a dynamic website using an online static site generator, your website will load much faster than you ever imagined. Because static websites do not have databases, using an online static site generator speeds up your website. Rather of having to create each webpage from scratch each time a visitor requests it, your server will simply display the pre-built HTML version of your webpage to your visitors. As a consequence, loading times are lightning quick! 

More Secure Headless WordPress Development

The attack surface for a normal dynamic website is rather large. Every layer of the site, from the Apache server to MySQL to the plugins loaded, is potentially susceptible. It’s difficult to keep all of the holes filled all of the time. With a static site, there isn’t much to break.

Headless WordPress is fantastic for developing beautiful, interactive websites, but it’s also one of the most commonly hacked platforms on the internet. This isn’t due to a fault in the WordPress software. Because WordPress runs so many of the world’s websites, many hackers have honed their skills at specifically hacking WordPress sites.

Hackers can’t target your website’s database if you utilize a static html site generator, because static websites don’t have one. Static websites can’t be updated from the user’s perspective, either.

Reliable and Scalable Headless WordPress Development

Maintaining a high-traffic website is expensive and time-consuming. Even if you accomplish this correctly, a surge in traffic might cause a site to slow down and cause problems. Sites that are static scale easily.  The site grew in size, and it also became quicker. That’s the strange thing about CDNs: as traffic increases, webpages become quicker.

You’ve probably encountered a variety of database-related error warnings if you’ve had a website for a time. You won’t have to worry about these if you utilize a static page builder because there will be no database issues. Another reason your website is safer when you use a static page builder is that your website will not be entirely crippled if the server is ever attacked, as it would be if you used a dynamic page builder. Instead, your website will be routed to the next node, and your viewers will be completely unaware that anything has gone wrong! 

Higher Profits and Increased Conversion

Regular maintenance, such as updates, security adjustments, and speed improvements, is required with a dynamic site. On a statically created site, this isn’t the case.

If you run a Private Blog Network, you’re well aware of how fast hosting expenses may spiral out of control. The static site allows you to keep your hosting expenses low as your network grows. This means you’ll be able to swiftly construct an arsenal of fast, secure websites far faster than if you didn’t utilize a drag-and-drop static site generator. 


Your Headless WordPress Development website will be quicker, more dependable, secure, and lighter with a static site. As if that weren’t enough, a static site also reduces the cost of hosting your website.

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