Why Is SAP Business One The Ideal Choice For Small And Medium Businesses?

SAP Business One is one affordable solution for the entire needs of a business. It is an excellent ERP software for small and medium businesses helping them in the handling of all their workflows. Used by lakhs of customers all around the world in about 170 countries, SAP Business One is available in a number of local versions as well as in 28 languages. After almost twenty years in the market, SAP B1 has become the most favoured choice for business management solutions for companies globally. SAP B1 software consists of all the relevant features that help in transforming any kind of business.  It controls real-time information and also helps to raise operational efficiency, get new customers as well as boost the company’s growth and profits.

SAP is featured among the Fortune 500 companies, leading to a belief that you need only large corporates can afford their services. However, this is not true at all. SAP is not only for big corporations. SAP B1 will give even small and medium businesses access to exceptional resources at minimum business cost.

Here are some of the ways SAP Business One will positively impact small businesses –

  • A number of small businesses will have operational requirements that are as big and complicated as the big organizations. SAP Business One enables them to access the same type of Enterprise Resource Planning system that the larger corporations are using at a much lesser cost. It will provide the same tools such as sales forecasting, customer relationship management, and business intelligence in a single integrated solution.
  • Organizations often struggle with data spread across different spreadsheets. With SAP B1, they can connect their financial operations in real-time with the other key processes in the business such as inventory management. They can increase the speed of the transactions as well as improve the cash flows. SAP Business One enables the selection of which employees will have the access to sensitive data like salaries or expenses.
  • For small businesses, the management of vendor quotations, supplies as well as payments are an issue. SAP B1 provides businesses with much more visibility and also control over the order-to-pay cycle. It also provides efficient ways way to manage the PO, receipts and invoices, returns as well as payments. Purchasing can be optimized with dashboard reporting and real-time matching of the goods receipts with the inventory warehouse levels.
  • Businesses can track the progress from the beginning of the deal till the end. Once the prospect becomes a customer, the customer relationship as well as the marketing activities can be managed with a single system. Having all the data in a single place allows the building of servicing and communication programs that are much more effective.
  • SAP Business One provides the best practice systems in any kind of industry. The solution can be customized as per the requirements of the organizations. It is also quite fast to implement as compared to the other solutions in the market.
  • The creation and customization of reports enable informed decision-making.
  • SAP invests a lot in online training as well as user support so it is very easy to get the team trained. Some SAP partners also provide some extras like review workshops as well as webinars.

SAP Price List

Businesses can use this price lists for making the current prices available at any time in a list format. You can create these price lists for customers individually or for customer groups as well as some products. Businesses use a variety of strategies to sell products, few will include offering discounts to loyal customers as well as seasonal discounts on some products. With the help of price lists, professionals can also set custom rates for the items  bought from vendors.

SAP has a number of features for the purpose of supporting the various functions of the business. One of the most important features of SAP Business One is the price list feature. With the help of this feature, the user is able to control the pricing of a number of items, that are dependent on many situations according to their choices as well as preferences. Using the SAP price list will help users save a lot of time. SAP Business One provides ten price lists. You can add, modify or delete the prices in these price lists and maintain the pricing strategy accordingly.

  • SAP Price lists are used as the basis for the sales and purchasing pricing.
  • They contain the item pricing.
  • Every business partner receives a price list. The business partner can then see the arranged price list in the master record of the business partners.

Why the SAP Business One price list should be created?

The maintenance of a proper price list of the goods and services for various groups of customers is extremely essential for companies. Each business will have a few special customers who have been purchasing the goods and services. From the company for many years. They should get some special pricing, like they may receive a few discounts according to the selling items .


SAP Business One is an affordable and excellent solution for the management of small and medium businesses. You can use this software for a number of business functions ranging from finance and accounting to sales as well as customer relationships. Small businesses can now get much better control over their operations with the help of the SAP B1 system. The advantages of implementing. SAP Business One are many. Which include streamlining of the vital processes, getting a good insight into the business, and allowing the organizations to make informed decisions on the basis of real-time data. It is an affordable ERP software that SAP has developed keeping small businesses in mind, squashing the misconceptions that it is too expensive or too complicated for small and medium businesses. SAP B1 helps the managers in the effective handling of their company at a cost-effective rate.

Praxis Info Solutions

Praxis Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is an award-winning SAP partner, specialised in providing SAP Business One solutions to SMEs of different industries. The company provides enterprises an affordable platform to manage their operations through the business applications of SAP, which is the world’s #1 ERP solutions provider. Praxis is also a Zoho partner, which is the #1 CRM software system, and enables businesses to customise and implement CRM solutions. The company caters majorly to business in Pune as well as Mumbai and the West region of Mahashtra.

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