Why Electronic Health Records EHR Are a Good Fit For Independent Practices

Choosing the best electronic health records software (EHR) system is an important decision. The right EHR can save time and energy for both providers and staff. The wrong one can increase your practice’s administrative burden. Then, instead of a tool that makes your job easier, you have a system that consumes more time rather than less, contributes to physician burnout, and reduces the amount of time you have to interact with patients. Continue reading for five key reasons why the medi emr  might be a good fit for your independent practice.

 Simple to Use and Intuitive

One of the reasons EHR is a good choice for independent practices is its simple, user-friendly interface. Because of its simple design, EHR is accessible to all practice members. Which is important because it enables you to transition to a new EHR without extensive training or technical expertise.

It also implies that both providers and staff will spend less time on administrative tasks associated with provider burnout. According to a Physicians Foundation survey, 80% of physicians in all specialties feel they are working at full capacity or are overextended, and 78% report feelings of burnout. Another survey found that 65% of physicians are more overworked now than they were at the start of their careers. Burnout is becoming more common in the medical field. It can be avoided with EHR simple, straightforward interface. Perhaps most importantly, an intuitive, simple-to-use system frees up more time for what matters most: caring for your patients, which is a problem for the majority of providers, according to surveys.

EHR Provides a Variety of Time-Saving Tools

EHR offers a wide range of tools that can help clinicians and staff save time. Time-saving tools are important EHR features because they improve practice efficiency while also reducing administrative burden on clinicians and staff. Some time-saving tools may also aid in the improvement of accuracy.

For example, studies show that electronic ordering can reduce errors when ordering lab work, imaging, or prescriptions while also saving significant time. Error reduction, in turn, can help improve patient safety. Electronic ordering also reduces the number of lost orders, double entries, and callbacks to clarify unclear orders.

The EHR includes the following time-saving features:

Integration with local laboratories and imaging centers, allowing providers to electronically submit orders. Electronic orders can be transmitted much more quickly than manual orders. Providers can manage patients’ prescriptions with integrated e-prescribe functionality. Prior authorization capability is included in e-Prescribing, which makes it easier to submit prior authorization requests and track their status, allowing patients to receive medications as soon as possible.

  • Templates for frequently used tasks and data, such as lab panels and patient notes.
  • Streamlined charting with an intuitive and customizable charting system that is simple to understand and use. This allows providers to spend less time charting and more time caring for patients.
  • A HIPAA-compliant patient portal that allows patients to access information such as test results, laboratory records, and more on their own time. When patients can access this information for themselves, phone calls are no longer required, saving hours of staff time.

Tailored To Your Specific Workflow Requirements

An essential EHR feature is the ability to customize an EHR based on your specific workflow. As a result, it provides numerous customization options, allowing users to tailor the system to their specific preferences and needs. Patient charting, for example, can be tailored to your specific workflow. Templates for common tasks, such as lab work orders, can also be customized and tailored to the circumstances in which they will be used. This screen has a new, visually structured design that includes “cards” that contain specific sets of information. The cards can be organized to create a format that meets the needs of your independent practice. This allows you to make the Patient Summary feature more user-friendly and efficient, both when scanning for information and entering new patient information.


Customizing various EHR functions allows you to complete tasks more easily and efficiently, increasing EHR usability and saving even more time for both clinicians and practice staff. According to research, improved EHR usability leads to improved work-life balance among its users. Improved usability leads to better patient care.

Improve to keep the system up to date

As part of the product, Practice Fusion includes ongoing platform improvements. These enhancements are implemented as system upgrades and do not require any additional work from you or your staff.Some of these enhancements are the result of our long-standing system for gathering and responding to customer feedback. For example, Practice Fusion used customer feedback on the system’s Document Management functionality to improve the way documents are uploaded, viewed, and managed. Additional features have been added to enable:

  • Users can scan documents directly into the EHR from a patient chart or from the general Documents section thanks to integrated scanning.
  • Bulk document download facilitates the export of patient charts and the transfer of patient information.
  • Access to documents directly from a patient’s chart
  • Drag and drop document uploading, which allows users to upload documents by simply clicking and dragging files from their computer and dropping them on the Documents tab.
  • Different documents  uploaded at the same time, speeding up the chart management process.
  • Longer comments on uploaded documents allow users to take notes that are more detailed.
  • Other enhancements to Practice Fusion are made to keep up with the most recent technological advances. We also upgrade to keep up with regulatory changes, such as MIPS and other incentive programs that require active participation and data collection.
  • As an added bonus, product improvements are ongoing, so you won’t have to deal with major changes that bring the entire EHR system down.

Free Trail for EHR

Finally, EHR is a good fit for your independent medical practice because some of them provide a free trial of the EHR, allowing you to test drive the product before making a financial commitment. This free trial allows you to create user accounts, sign in, and play around with the platform’s extensive feature set. It enables you to determine whether EHR provider will meet all of your practice’s specific needs. Allowing you to make an informed purchase decision.

In fact, some EHR provider provides a free trial before paying. This is because we believe it is critical for customers to be able to test EHR systems before purchasing to ensure they provide the necessary functionality. Identifying the requirements of your practice

You require the following features from an EHR:

  • An intuitive and simple-to-use interface that does not necessitate extensive training, implementation time, or technical expertise.
  • Tools for saving time that will assist you in reducing the administrative burden on both providers and staff.
  • Customization options to improve the usability of the EHR
  • An existing system for keeping the EHR up to date with technological advancements and changes in governing rules and regulations.
  • A possibility to try out the platform before making a financial commitment.

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