Who is Coach of the Indian Under-19 Cricket Team?

Among the best-known Indian coaches is Rahul Dravid. This former player has served as the captain of the Indian national team and is now serving as the head coach of the Indian Under-19 cricket team. Prior to his current position, Dravid was the head coach of the India A team and the Under-19 squad. He has a long history of coaching and has helped build a number of successful cricket teams in India.

Rahul Dravid, the Coach of the Indian Under-19 Cricket Team

As a coach, Dravid has successfully developed and coached the Indian Under-19 cricket team. His under-19 squad has finished second at the U-19 Cricket World Cup in 2016 and has won the tournament twice in the last four years. The Prithvi Shaw-led squad has won four Under-19 World Cups and finished second twice. The Indian Under-19 squad has been without a coach since Rahul Dravid was banned from the U-19 World Championships in 2008 and 2012.

As a former cricketer, Dravid was the head coach of the India U-19 cricket team for many years. During the 2018 World Cup, he made way for Sitanshu Kotak to become the new head coach of the India A team. He will also step aside as the head coach of the two teams. Hopefully, these changes will lead to better results in both competitions.

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Dravid has a proven track record as an under-19 coach and is well-known for nurturing the country’s world-renowned pipeline of young talent. The U-19 team’s historic win in Australia was a testament to Dravid’s ability to develop young players. Aravinda de Silva praised the Indian cricket administration for making him head coach of the senior team. This will allow him to make the best of the youngsters.

The head coach of the Indian under-19 team is Rahul Dravid. The former middle-order batsman has been the head coach of the Indian under-19 cricket team since 2014. The U-19s finished runners-up in the 2016 U-19 World Cup and were winners in the 2018 U-19 Cricket World Cup. The team’s success at the tournament is a testament to the quality of India’s talent on the junior side.

Dravid has been the coach of the India Under-19 cricket team since 2005. During the Sri Lanka tour, he was the interim head coach. He was later appointed as the coach of the India-A team and the under-19 side. As of 2018, he was the head coach of the Indian under-19 team. In the past five years, Dravid has won the U-19 World Cup four times, twice as the runner-up in 2008.

Dravid was previously the head coach of the India U-19 team. He is now the head coach of the India A team and the Indian U-19 cricket team. While he is still involved in coaching the senior Indian squad, he will continue to serve as head coach of the two teams. But he will not be coaching the A team until he is ready to step down. He will continue to be the head coach of the U-19 cricket team.

Dravid’s appointment as head coach of the under-19 team was a surprise move. He was banned from multiple World Cups, which made Dravid a popular choice for the job. However, the BCCI has respected Dravid and his blueprint for developing the country’s future talent. The BCCI has made it clear that the purpose of junior cricket is to develop skills and not to prepare for a test match.


The decision to appoint Dravid as head coach of the under-19 team was made because of the lack of clarity surrounding the role of a head coach of the under-19 team. While Dravid’s appointment is highly controversial, it has been praised by many fans. The coach is one of the best-known names in Indian cricket and has achieved a long and distinguished career in this field.

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