Where to Buy Hotel Towels in Bulk?

Beyond Bridges USA, as a wholesale towel supplier, is dedicated to supplying your company with ethically sourced, soft, and durable towels. The fact is that buying hotel linens in bulk doesn’t have to be a costly endeavor, and you can obtain cheap linens while maintaining high standards of quality. Of the highest quality while also ensuring that you remain true to the reputation you have built around your business.

We have a wide range of resort towel options that will ensure that you can find the product that will meet your budget needs and maintain the reputation of quality and comfort at the same time as you choose your products from our selection. Our current inventory includes a wide range of items we can supply to your clients based on your requirements. Take a look at it and find everything you need.

A Brief Introduction to Good Quality Towels

It’s hard to beat the feeling of wrapping yourself up in a warm, fluffy towel after a long bath or shower. It can be difficult to make a simple decision when choosing the right towel. However, fiber content is an essential aspect of any towel to keep in mind. The most common material for bath towels is cotton, mixed with other materials.

A cotton’s quality level is determined by its staple or fiber length. Cotton that has a longer staple will be more luxurious, durable, and absorbent due to its longer staples. Depending on the fabric choice, a towel monogram can be inserted with a crest, logo, or initials. We intend to provide you with a great selection, reasonable prices, and excellent customer service.


Beyond Bridges USA Wholesale Towels Collection

Your guests will likely go through multiple towels daily as they take showers, perform skincare routines, dip into the pool, wipe up spills, and wipe down the dining room. During their stay, it’s common for guests to rush through towels quite quickly, and this is a usual occurrence for them. Buying bulk bath towels is the only way for you to keep up with the demand for the product. The good news is that Beyond Bridges USA offers a wide selection of wholesale towels.

  • Bath Towels

Providing your guests with a luxurious hotel experience starts with having clean and fluffy bath towels of the highest quality. Guests at hotels don’t enjoy the experience of using stiff, thin, itchy, and irritating bath towels that are usually stiff, thin, and itch. It is not hard to find quality bath towels in bulk with Beyond Bridges USA. They are sure to impress your guests with their quality and style.

Bath towels

You should look at Beyond Bridges USA’s elegant Hotel Collection of Bath Towels if you want to stay in comfort. The softness of these plush towels is second to none, thanks to the 100% cotton material. There is not a lot of variety in the size of hotel towels; most tend to be small, so by providing larger sizes for your guests, your hotel will stand out and give them a great experience.

  • Washcloths

There should always be a good supply of washcloths in each bathroom so that guests can use them in conjunction with their body wash or to clean their faces at the end of the evening. They come in a set of 12 and are one of the best sizes for washing in the shower as they are made of a combination of cotton and polyester. In hotels, Essence Washcloths are a great addition to any bathroom to make the guests feel at home.

A high-quality 100% cotton washcloth is resistant to benzoyl peroxide and machine washable. Doing this will protect your washcloths from commonly used face washing products and makeup removers and enhance the cotton material’s softness.

Wash cloths

  • Hand Towels

The purpose of hand towels is not only to dry the hands of the guests. Small towels are useful for wiping up messes caused by melted ice or spilled drinks after cleaning faces. It would be best if you had an ample supply of these towels since they will need to be replaced more often than other towels.

There is no better way to stock up on hand towels than by buying Beyond Bridges USA’s Hand Towel. A case of 10 dozen (120 towels) of these affordable, quality hand towels comes in a case of 10 dozen. Featuring double-needle stitching for durability, they are made from soft cotton.

Hand towels

  • Pool Towels

If your hotel has a pool or a Jacuzzi, you will want to ensure that you have separate towels for your pool and Jacuzzi. After swimming in chlorinated water, guests do not want the same towel they use to shower with to dry off after taking a bath. Typical bath towels are smaller than pool towels. So they will be an issue for your guests who expect larger towels.

Whether you plan on using the Cabana Blue Pool Towels by the pool or in the spa. You can put them on a rack next to the pool. This popular spa towel is made of soft cotton with colorful stripes to help you distinguish it from the other towels you have in the bathroom, and it is large enough to be used for lounging by the pool. There is also the option to purchase these towels in yellow and green. If you want to achieve a more cohesive look with the decor of your hotel.

Pool towels

Beyond Bridges USA Hotel Towels Features

If you operate hotels, motels, and spas or have bathrooms or spas in your hotel or motel, it is crucial to provide the right products (bath towels) for your guests. There’s nothing quite as relaxing as a soft bath towel on your body after a long and tiring day at a hotel. If they are visiting your hotel for a week or just a night. Provide your visitors with top-notch hotel room towels to ensure they feel at home. It is possible to choose from a wide selection of bath towels at Beyond Bridges USA. If you are looking for them.

We provide a wide range of hand towels, bath towels, washcloths, pool towels, and bath mats in several different thicknesses, sizes, and price ranges to suit any budget. We have a wide variety of towels to meet your needs, from 100% combed cotton high Wellington towels to blends of polyester and cotton that are more economical and suitable for households with little or no children. It is made from the finest cotton fibers that ensure that each towel is exceptionally absorbent and durable.

  • Optimal absorbency 
  • A high level of absorbency 
  • High-quality cotton fiber 
  • Various sizes are available 
  • Towels made from a polyester-cotton blend 
  • 100% comb cotton 
  • Extremely soft to touch
  • Easily washable at home

We at Beyond Bridges USA understand how essential factors such as cotton fiber type and count, absorbency, and durability are when deciding on the quality of a bath towel. Moreover, we understand a guest’s expectations when visiting a hotel. Our company provides bulk bath towels of high quality at a very affordable price.

Hotel towels

Purchase Wholesale Hotel Towels in Bulk from Beyond Bridges USA

When you welcome guests and patrons into your hotel or lodging. You must ensure they have a comfortable and clean stay. Quality hotel towels are an integral part of the overall hotel experience that guests and patrons expect and deserve. With our full array of hotel towels, pool towels, and towel accessories. Beyond Bridges USA is your friendly wholesale towel distributor, helping you provide the best in comfort and cleanliness. Our selection of wholesale bath towel wholesale suppliers offers a large variety of wholesale bath towel sets from reputable wholesale suppliers. So no matter your needs, you’re sure to find that we have what you need.

We at Beyond Bridges USA pride ourselves on providing luxury hotel items and comforts that are second to none. When providing our clients with the most dependable and high-quality products to ensure their stay is enjoyable. Our towel collections have various styles and colors that suit any hotel’s lodging or décor.

Hotel towel

We make it easy for distributors to source wholesale hospitality supplies at Beyond Bridges USA. Not only do we reduce lead times and offer more frequent deliveries. But we at Beyond Bridges USA also provide cost-effective pricing that distributors can take advantage of. It is important to keep in mind that most of these products are packed so that they are ready to turn around and be distributed to your customers immediately.

Concluding Remarks

The towels are one of the most important aspects of a hotel, motel, or resort, and finding quality towels at an affordable price can also be challenging. There is only one way to buy towels at an affordable price, and that is by buying them in bulk from a trusted wholesaler like Beyond Bridges USA.

We at Beyond Bridges USA provide you with the best hotel supplies. When shopping online for your hotels, motels, resorts, or any hospitality industry. We offer a variety of hotel towels of the highest quality and are available in various sizes and colors. Allowing you to match your hotel theme and style perfectly. You can purchase luxurious towels in bulk at affordable prices.

We never compromise when it comes to our comfort; no matter how much it costs. It will ultimately lead to a much more satisfying outcome. Drying yourself off after a shower or bath becomes a pampering experience with our plush hotel towels instead of a ratty old low, standard towel, making your experience more enjoyable.

The best, most high-quality towels. You could ever desire are now available from the comfort of your own home at amazing prices. It is possible to buy hotel towels at wholesale prices, and you can save time and money. Online shopping is one of the easiest ways to buy wholesale items without leaving the comfort of your home!

Nevertheless, there is one thing you need to keep in mind here. You need to find the right towel wholesaler’s website to avoid paying more than you bargained for. Otherwise, you may end up paying more than you expected. Beyond Bridges, USA has become one of the most trusted towel wholesalers on the internet, with exclusive deals on a wide range of towels in terms of quality and price. The company is one of the largest suppliers of hotel and housekeeping products. Visit beyondbridgesusa.com for more information. There is no better place for people to get high-quality towels for a fraction of the cost of their retail counterparts than Beyond Bridges USA. If you are interested in finding a deal you will never forget. You must head to the Beyond Bridges USA website.

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