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Amazoker is a company that specializes in providing services and solutions for sellers on Amazon. It was established in 2016 with a wide range of knowledge and experience in handling Amazon’s policies, procedures and systems. Amazoker has a high success rate in helping sellers on Amazon achieve their goals, such as: Restoring accounts or products, obtaining Amazon ungating for restricted categories or brands, registering LLC or Trademark in the US, etc. Amazoker has helped hundreds of customers from different countries, such as: US, Canada, UK, India, Pakistan, Vietnam, etc. 

Amazoker values customer satisfaction and trust above all. Amazoker provides free consultation, personalized service, quality support, fast delivery and guaranteed results for all its services. Amazoker also respects customer privacy and confidentiality and does not share any customer information with third parties without customer consent. 

Amazoker always seeks to improve its services and solutions for sellers on Amazon. Amazoker welcomes feedback and suggestions from customers and tries to meet their expectations and needs. 

Amazoker is not just a service provider for sellers on Amazon. Amazoker is your partner and friend who will help you overcome any challenges and difficulties on Amazon. With Amazoker, you can focus on developing your business and achieving your dreams. 

In this article, we will explain when you should use Amazoker’s services, such as Amazon Appeal Service, Amazon Ungate Service and LLC/Trademark Registration Service. We will also guide you on how to contact Amazoker for more information and registration. 

The cases that Amazoker can solve


List of the violations that Amazoker can solve. 

You should use Amazoker’s services if you are a seller on Amazon and you encounter one of the following situations: 

How to contact Amazoker

Use this Amazoker contact information to get your issue resolved. 

If you have any of the above situations or you want to know more about Amazoker’s services, you can contact Amazoker in the following ways: 

Amazoker is always ready to help you solve your problems on Amazon. With a team of experienced experts, enthusiastic and professional staff, Amazoker will provide you with the best services and solutions for your business goals. Thank you for choosing Amazoker.


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