When Can We Expect in Destiny 3 Future Updates?


It is to no surprise that people are still obsessed with destiny 2. Well, why wouldn’t they be? Bungie’s decision was followed by its separation from Activision. In order to focus on the second part of the Destiny platform. They offered one of the most amazing seasonal content along with a much larger annual expansion.

This is the reason the fans are so excited about the third part. Well if the first two parts are such blockbusters. It is quite obvious to wait for the third part of it. But the question here is, when is Destiny 3 coming? Or is Destiny 3 even coming or not? Well, till 2021, the fans were quiet as the expansions were pushed to 2022, but now that the year’s here, so is the fan’s excitement. So let’s have a look at the latest updates about Destiny 3 and see if the fans are going to get what they have been waiting for or not?

The Latest updates on Destiny 3

As per the response of Japanese outlet 4gamer. The main focus of Bungie design director, Jacob Benton was in the second part of Destiny. And to date, it stays focused on that only. He also added that there were no plans of leaving Bungie behind, and they are continuously working on new stories to give their audience something much more exciting. He also mentioned that there is going to be an expansion of Destiny 2 upcoming quest, which includes the Witch Queen and the Lightfall. 

The thing to keep in mind here is that Bungie’s current plans related to Destiny 2 are that they will start from the release of The Witch Queen in the year 2022. After this, they referred to the next chapter of the game that is the Lightfall, which will also be the next expansion of Destiny 2, after the release of the Witch Queen and the nascent dawn 1/5

More Good News for Destiny Game Fans

Well, that’s not the only good news for the Destiny fans, the other thing that Benton added was that Destiny 2 requires another chapter too, after the release of the Lightfall. This means that there’s not just going to be Destiny 3 but something more than that too. He also made this clear that no matter what the name or title the name gets, the platform of the story will always be Destiny and nothing else than that. 

Now the thing to notice here is that if the Witch Queen is planned to release in the year 2022, and if each of its subsequent expansions takes place once every year, then it’s the year 2024 that is planned for the launch of Destiny 2 nascent dawn quest content expansion. 

But 2025 would also not be the right option. This is because of the fact that Bungie tentatively set out the year of the time. Its new IP can be launched. Although we all know that there’s a whole different team of Bungie. That is creating the new IP. We also know that there won’t be the release of Destiny 3 in the same year. This is because we all are aware of the fact that Bungie wouldn’t want to release something as huge and much-awaited as Destiny 3 the exact same year it has been trying to launch a new IP. This only leaves us to the year 2024 to wait for the release of Destiny 3. 

Well, that’s not for sure either, because while in the interview. Benton didn’t actually say the date or the year of Destiny 3’s release.  If it will be delayed till the year 2026. But we are still somewhere quite intuitive about Bungie and its plans for the release. 

The exciting part is, there’s a story in the director’s mind with a proper conclusion, and that conclusion is estimated not anytime before the year 2024. After that year, there’s another game planned by Bungie for release. The point is the whole scenario at this stage. Where Bungie could easily start planning about Destiny 3 and its release, but only if they are willing for it. 

What we can conclude here is that, if Bungie is planning the year 2024 for the expansions of Destiny 2. Then even the year 2026 looks early for Destiny 3. This is also because all of this will be quite chaotic to plan all the things altogether and release them one after another. 

All of this takes us to this if Bungie is planning Destiny 2’s expansion till the year 2024. Then there’s no way that Destiny 3 will show up anytime before 2026 until some miracle happens. The reason behind this delay is also something as huge as Destiny 3. It can take up several years when also there are a few IPs in making. Which also affects the whole plan of Destiny 3. 

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