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What Is the Job of a Maintenance Worker?

The maintenance agent helps to keep the premises entrusted to him clean and in good working order. He carries out the cleaning of surfaces and installations according to his mission. This agent must ensure that on a daily basis, everything is clean and well maintained.

Other designations exist premises cleaner, surface technician, industrial cleaner, cleaning agent. If you want to hire a cleaning service in Sydney and its region, you probably want to know what is included or not.

Duties of a maintenance worker

The maintenance agent carries out the cleaning, dusting, and sanitation of the premises. He is a cleaning professional and must therefore carry out it according to precise directives, he very often follows specifications to which he must comply. It makes offices and spaces clean, healthy, and pleasant places. He also takes care of the floors, furniture, windows, supplies, etc.

The cleanliness officer empties trash cans and baskets and removes general rubbish so that it does not accumulate in the workplace. He checks the cleanliness before and after his intervention to see if there is additional work to be. Done, for example after cleaning the floor if someone has passed right after and soiled it.

Professional equipment for flawless results

The cleaning agent uses specialized professional equipment: manual or electronic sweeper, steam cleaner, multidirectional polisher. He may be required to operate high-performance cleaning machines: high-pressure cleaners, polishers, etc. He must then ensure that he masters the use of his equipment so that the results resulting from its use are. Optimized.

Its know-how follows the changes and developments in cleaning techniques. Versatile and autonomous, the maintenance agent easily finds a job in a booming market and can evolve quickly. Depending on where he works, the agent may have a specialization in a single type of maintenance: that of hospitals, factories, or offices requires different techniques and equipment.

What you can expect from a cleaner

If you hire our cleaning services for your home, here is what should be included:

  • Vacuum carpets and rugs.
  • Sweep and mop floors.
  • Empty the trash.
  • Dust furniture, baseboards, frames.
  • Clean all kitchen surfaces.
  • Clean the toilets, the shower, and clean the toilets.

Maybe you want the housekeeper to take care of other aspects of cleaning? A mission to clean an apartment after Air Bnb or Booking rental? You can discuss all these points with our company which will determine if the missions are feasible.

Preparing your home for the arrival of the cleaning service

Preparing your home is essential so that everything goes well and that you get the service you expect. Here are the steps we recommend to prepare your home before using our services.

  • Ensure safe and quick access– If this is the company’s first visit to your location, make sure in advance that they have all the access. This means keys and/or door codes if required.
  • Isolate your pets– Although it has been established that the cleaner has no problem with pets (especially dogs), it is in everyone’s interest that the dog be. Isolated prior to the arrival of the cleaner.
  • Communicate any special requests– If you would like the cleaner to do something different on this visit, be sure to communicate your request to the cleaning company in advance and get their approval. The cleaner cannot add on-site services without company permission.
  • Clean up the clutter– The cleaner’s job isn’t to scrub the house from top to bottom after a loud party or to clean up the piles of business papers strewn across the kitchen table. Picking up the mess before the agent arrives ensures that they can do their job efficiently and smoothly.

If you want to clean your workplace or home, you can call on our professional cleaning services in Palm beach. We guarantee quality and professionalism.


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