What Is Print Media Advertising?

With the domination of digitization in advertisement, the impact of print media might be fading. However, it’s not ineffective at all. Even though you may get a good amount of traffic with online advertisements and social media marketing processes, print media advertising can still create an impact on promoting or branding your product. So, before you hit the search button looking for a printing shop near me , check out all about print media advertising in this article. 

What Is Print Media Advertising?

Print media advertising is a printing channel that aims to reach a greater number of audiences. The printing companies use newspapers, magazines, brochures, banners, billboards, and mails as part of advertisement and marketing channels to promote the products. 

Though it might seem the print media is less effective and earns minimal revenue due to social media advertising, it’s still a profitable and impactful advertising source in major countries. For instance, the United States invests about 25 billion USD in printed advertisements per year. 

At present, social media and online advertising media are on the rise. Hence, you might question the effectiveness of print media. Well, digital advertising media might be more influential these days, the power of print media is still undeniable. Compared to digital advertisements, people are more prone to remember print advertisements. 

The print media also can communicate with the audience’s emotions. As it represents information in a more detailed and innovative way, the products automatically create a place in the consumers’ minds. Moreover, it builds trustworthiness about the product as well as the brand. 

When online platforms are crowded with thousands of advertisements, it’s challenging to create an impact and establish trustworthiness. However, the printed advertisement automatically achieves the audience’s trust without exclusively telling it. The popular and most powerful printed formats are newspaper and magazine ads, billboards, brochures, radio and tv ads, and so on. 

However, not all companies have a big budget for advertisements. Thus, they tend to go for online advertisements. Still, the printed advertisement has a higher conversion rate. According to the CMO council, about 80% of the consumers respond to mail ads, whereas 50% take immediate action to email ads. Likewise, the newspaper ads, magazines, brochures for business cards have a greater conversion rate. 

What Are the Types of Print Advertising? 

As you already know, the popular print advertising platforms are newspapers, magazines, directories, brochures, direct Mail, and billboards. Let’s talk about their effectiveness in detail. 


Newspapers are also available to read online. However, people still love to hold on to newspapers while enjoying reading them. Hence, it’s a great source of advertisement to reach a great number of audiences for the local or small companies. There are different types of newspapers such as local, regional, national titles that publish papers in daily, weekly, Sunday, or evening editions. 

As the type varies, each has a targeted audience to reach. Thus, depending on the product, the advertisers can target an audience who love fashion, sports, entertainment, politics, business, and so on. For advertisements in the newspaper, the space can contain images, text, graphic design, or illustration depending on the size of the advertising section. 


Magazines are still very popular and have intensive, engaging power. Only a specific type of audience reads magazines. So, you can connect with a certain type of audience through advertising. The audience from Asia, Europe, and the United States like to read magazines for cooking, diet, fashion, health, and beauty. 

So, to advertise products from these kinds of niches, magazines are the best way to display a product. In magazines, the advertisers can use high-quality and very attractive images. Compared to newspaper ads, the magazine advertisement tends to be more expensive, but the success is certain. 


The directories help to create a client base. As there are different forms of directories like regional, industrial, yellow pages, the ads come in different forms as well. Among all these forms, the yellow pages are the most impactful platform for advertisement. It will certainly gain the trustworthiness and credibility of the consumers. 


Brochures are one of the most budget-friendly print media advertising sources. It is spacious enough to contain detailed information about the brand and service. Moreover, the design and style are more appealing than people easily feel attracted to. Furthermore, they are easy to distribute among the target audience. 

Direct Mail

With direct mail you can send your message to the potential customer directly. It’s not only effective but also an affordable source of print media advertising. 


Billboards are the most powerful source to establish a brand or convey a message. The size of it is a must to get attention from everyone on the street. Moreover, since it has a wide space, it’s easy to design in an appealing way. 

Also, if the billboard is placed in the right spot, it can create a massive impact and influence the audience to call for action. Hence, compared to online advertising platforms, billboards are the most effective advertising. 

What Are the Elements Needed to Create a Print Advertisement?

To attain the most out of a printed advertisement, it must include some mandatory elements. These elements will help you create an engaging and attractive design and invite the audience to take action. Below elements are usually present in an advertisement. 

A catchy headline

A great headline can immediately catch the audience’s attention about a service or brand. Hence, it should be easily readable and presented in a lucrative way. The headline should contain information briefly as well as promote the product.

Concise copy 

The copy means showing the audience how the product or service is essential to meet their needs. Hence, it should be simple, concise, direct, and engaging. The more the audience can relate to the copy, the better they will take action or respond to the advertisement. 

Graphical Illustrations

The advertisement can include images, drawings, or graphical design. No matter the elements you use, the design must be tempting, attractive, inviting, and influential to respond to the product or service. If the design is creative and unique, then the consumers can’t ignore it under any circumstance. 

Signature or logo 

Using a signature or logo aware the audience about the brand. So, whenever a product appears on the market from this company, the consumers will automatically know who it belongs to. 

It not only gives a company recognition but also establishes trustworthiness. For signature, you can use rhyming words or a catchy jingle. 

What Are the Advantages of Print Media Advertising?

Though print media is less in business compared to online advertising, the benefits it offers cannot be ignored. Here I am addressing some of the advantages that you can achieve if you go for print media advertisements. 

Establishes in the audience memory

Whether the ad is on the newspaper, magazine, or billboard, the readers take time to read the ad. Also, they visualize the content of the ads. Thus, they can recall the content better than they see an ad online. 

Moreover, the texts on printed advertisements tend to belong. So, the readers take time to read carefully. It also establishes the content as well as the product in their memory for a longer time. 

Fewer distractions

When the audience reads the information in a newspaper or magazine, they have less distraction and more focus on the content. At the same time, online advertisements are fast and tend to be very distracting because they pop up while the readers are reading something. 

Digital ads interfere with their concentration. In that case, the printed media catches more focus, and the audience genuinely pays attention to the details. 

Versatile platforms to advertise 

Though digital platforms seem budget-friendly and beneficiary in terms of advertisement, the effective options are very minimal. However, print media is very flexible. There are versatile types of magazines, newspapers, and directories to advertise according to the niche. 

Advertisers also have the freedom to choose the ads section. Moreover, advertising on print media is very easy and reaches the target audience faster. 

Builds credibility and trustworthiness 

While reaching the targeted audience through advertising on the right niche, the brands and products can earn credibility and trustworthiness stronger compared to social media. Also, print media is more expensive than advertising online, so audiences consider the printed advertisement seriously. 

Final Verdict 

To sum up, print media is an old form of marketing strategy. It has been used for a long time to promote products printing services and establish brands. Over the span of time, the print media has embraced color, arts, graphic design with the state of the art technology. Though it’s less popular these days due to the popularity of digital marketing platforms, it’s no less effective than them. 

In fact, in some cases, they are more effective and leave a better impact on the audience’s mind. If you are willing to reach the target audience according to the need and product you offer, then print media is the most effective option, I must say. Hence, before you decide on choosing online media for advertisement, do consider the advantages and platforms you can use for print media advertisement. 

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