What Gardening Equipment You Should Have in Your Garden?

People can go overboard while buying gardening tools. Gardening tools might consume a lot of space and also cost plenty of money, however, if you remain focused on the basic gardening equipment, you can save your storage or shed area from becoming overcrowded. You will always find better and bigger tools, however, buying the best quality equipment according to your budget will help you to get the most from your investment.

1. Gloves

Gardening is a great hobby but it can change into a splintery and thorny hassle without gloves. The gloves should be durable and not much bulky mainly if you are transplanting seedlings or working with seeds. It should fit properly because a poorly fitted glove might cause blisters or cause accidents. Choose fabrics that are breathable and water-resistant so that your hands remain comfortable and cool.

2. Hand Trowel

You cannot complete a gardening kit without a hand trowel. If you have to plant containers, transplant plants, or dig up weeds, nothing can beat a hand trowel. It has a sturdy grip so that you can hold it without hassles.

3. Pruning Shears

Clippers or Pruners are handy tools used in gardening. You need it to shape and trim plants and shrubs and to remove dead growth. A top-quality pruner shall remain a long time and stay sharper and you can take away thicker branches. It is worth investing in a good one. Buy wholesale home and garden supplies at low prices.

4. Fork

A fork is a hardworking tool in a gardener’s arsenal. It is multi-purpose equipment and is used for aerating lawns, making holes, breaking up the solid soil, removing weeds and stones, mixing the soil treatment, and softening a tough ground. It has strong and sharp tines that can penetrate difficult terrain.

5. Loppers

It is another cutting tool. These are long-handled pruners that are used for trimming hard for reaching areas and also for cutting thicker branches. They have long handles that offer the leverage to cut through branches to an inch in diameter. You will find bypass and anvil types like pruners. The handles range from 16-36 inches.

6. Spades

Spades are short-handled shovels. They make digging holes, edging, moving mounds of dirt, and lifting sod easily. It can be more pricey, however, a good one will remain for the rest of your life. There are treads on the top of a blade that can give a more comfortable and sturdier surface if you need an additional push. These are available as both short and long handles. Spades with long handles offer more leverage though are heavier. If the heads are of stainless steel, they will not rust.

7. Hoe

The garden-type can decide the kind of hoe you need. If you have a veggie garden you will need a wide and sturdy hoe. For perennial gardens, you will need a thinner and delicate hoe. They are useful when you prepare flower beds and gardens and also cut down weeds. When you buy hoes, choose a comfortable handle. If the blade is sharp, it will be easy to use. Flat hoes can turn the soil in vegetable garden rows.

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8. Watering can

There are two kinds of watering cans available-metal and plastic. You will find watering cans in several sizes, colors, and nozzles. The plastic cans are lighter than metal ones, however, they do not last long. Metals cans must be galvanized for preventing rusting. You should choose a size according to your need. If there are two-handled designs then they will offer better stability for the elderly and children.

9. Wheelbarrow

When a backyard has soil that should be moved, mulch or compost that should be added to beds, or a heavy lifting project then a wheelbarrow can help you. You should store it dry and clean to prevent rust. The wheel should be properly inflated for easy wheeling. Single-handled models can be balanced easily.

10. Rake

A rake is a gardening tool that can help you to remove rocks, stones, and clogs from the ground. It can be used for smoothing and leveling the soil surface or to gather debris including weeds and leaves. You might add some varieties of rakes to meet the different needs. For instance, a fan-shaped and lightweight rake is good to cover huge areas while sweeping up leavers, whereas a heavier one is suited to deal with a stony place.

11. Saw

Trees and shrubs shall need pruning and shaping from time to time. A saw can help you with most of the heavy cutting jobs in gardens.

These are some of the gardening equipment that you should have in your garden. If you want to buy wholesale garden accessories you can choose pound stores. When you invest in these gardening tools, your gardening will get everything you need.

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