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Unique lab grown diamond jewelry for women with Best offer

Best Lab Grown Diamond Jewelry 

Lab grown diamonds real, natural and actual diamonds that created in the lab through man-made technology. These lab diamonds completely indistinguishable from the natural ones and thus can be used to create jewelry with diamond studs, rings and pendants. The best part about these stones is that they come at price tags that are far cheaper than their naturally mined counterparts making them an ideal option for those looking to buy diamond jewelery without burning a hole in their pockets. You can find out more information on how these lab grown diamond jewelry pieces are created right here at our website.

If you looking for that one-of-kind piece, grown diamonds might be just what you’re looking for. Lab grown diamonds are beautiful and stylish. The process to create them is quite intricate and meticulous, but the end result is well worth it. From earrings to pendants to rings and even watches, lab created diamonds have a selection of styles and designs that impress even those with high standards for quality jewelry. After all, these are genuine diamonds created in a laboratory. The end result: a high quality product without compromise on style or workmanship. What could be better? All of our products are certified by USA Gemological Laboratories (AGL) or International Gemological Institute (IGI). Feel free to check out our full selection here!

Lab Grown Diamonds – A New Selection of Jewelry

Lab-grown diamonds, also known as synthetic diamonds or cultured diamonds, are a new and innovative alternative to mined stones. The technology has been around for decades but only recently has gained popularity as a viable option. The idea behind lab grown diamonds that they made in laboratories with high-pressure and temperature chambers. They created to meet any specification required. They come in every color and clarity just like regular mined diamonds do…but they’re actually better! Since there’s no mining involved, these beauties aren’t subject to depletion unlike mined diamonds. You can literally pick whatever specifications you want from whatever location you want. Check out my post about their environmental impact. It will blow your mind away! Now I’m not here to convince you to go out and get one, but I do think everyone should at least know about them so they can make an informed decision when considering which stone they want on their finger.

The Process Of Creating Lab-Grown Diamonds

The process for creating a diamond begins with a basic piece of graphite. High pressure, high temperature and an electrical current are applied, causing it to transform into a diamond. The resulting diamond is a near-perfect replica of its natural counterpart. Typically, lab-grown diamonds are approximately 1/10th to 1/20th the cost of real diamonds, depending on quality and color grades. Colored diamonds can be created through synthesis as well, but require more advanced technology than those used to create colorless stones. A Closer Look At Lab Grown Diamond Costs: Because they’re so similar to their natural counterparts, synthetic diamonds—aka lab grown diamond rings or cultured—are also graded in accordance with their clarity, cut and carat weight.

Why lab grown Diamonds So Special?

The process by which diamonds made called HPHT, or high-pressure, high-temperature. Basically what happens here that carbon under a certain amount of pressure and temperature will form a diamond—this process  known for quite some time, but it takes about two weeks to produce one single 0.5 carat stone. And as you can imagine, that’s incredibly expensive and inefficient. That’s why scientists trying to find a way to speed up and improve on HPHT—and they found it!

They used lasers to transform carbon into diamonds at room temperature in just 45 minutes! The result is a more pure diamond with higher clarity than anything ever produced before—all while being affordable enough for people like you and me! It’s amazing what science comes up with these days, not it? Lab grown diamonds truly taking over industry standards. These gems don’t crack or break like natural ones do, and when laser cutting real diamonds would normally leave waste material behind due to impurities, lab grown stones allow you to create jewels exactly how you want them. Now that’s special!

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