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Understand How Long Does Hair Transplant Last?

If you’ve struggled with hair loss, you’ve probably checked on various options. But the last one that most patients go for is a hair transplant. So, you could be wondering, “how long does hair transplant last,” is it practical, and many other concerns. We’ll put your mind to rest with an insightful article on hair transplants. 

What is Hair Transplant?

Hair transplant is a medical procedure that is non-invasive and helps solve hair loss problems. It’s a technique that involves removing hair follicles from a particular body region with healthy hair (donor site) into a bald part of the body (recipient site). And this primarily targets the male pattern of baldness.

Hair transplants are safe and effective when administered by a professional. And it may result in a permanent and natural-looking appearance. That’s regardless of your gender and the extent of your hair loss. 

After a successful hair transplant procedure, it will take about six months for patients before you start noticing an excellent hair regrowth. But you might discover the new outline of your enhanced hairline; however, many patients might see the hair falling from your newly transplanted hair within two to six weeks. Though it might be stressful, it’s just a normal healing process, and it starts to grow in a few months in a permanent capacity. 

After about six months, that’s the time you can start seeing some significant changes in hair growth. The complete results of the transplant process might be visible after 12 months and above. But how long does hair transplant last? That will depend on your practitioner and how you post-care treatment.  

Though that might appear long compared with other hair loss medications like minoxidil, it’s a permanent solution. Since the transplant involves healthy hair follicles, this will continue to grow naturally, and there will be no sign of transplant. Some doctors may also incorporate Rogaine to accelerate hair growth. 

How Much Does A Hair Transplant Cost?

Since everyone will have different needs and expectations, there is no accurate price for a hair transplant. First, it will largely depend on the amount of hair needed for transplant. But the approximate cost is between $4000 to $5000. And this is considered a cosmetic treatment, so insurance providers don’t cover the therapy. 

Does Hair Transplant Have Side Effects?

As with most surgeries, hair transplants have adverse reactions such as bleeding, scarring, and infection. 

Inflammation on the hair follicle region (folliculitis) may occur as the new locks grow. But your caregiver may provide you with antibiotics or prescribe them to you to relieve the pain. 

In some cases, some patients may experience shock loss. And this means the patient may start losing the original hair in the area where they get the new strands. In most cases, it’s not a permanent problem, and it shouldn’t be a significant concern. 

But the best thing to do before you start your hair transplant procedure is to discuss all the possible risks with your doctor. That can help you decide if the transplant is a good option.

If you want to know “how long does hair transplant last,” there will be various factors that may contribute to its lifespan—for instance, the extent of a person’s hair, hair type, age, and lifestyle. A doctor may recommend multiple procedures for a patient who is not responding to the treatment to get the desired results.

Why You May Need Multiple Hair Transplant

Since hair loss is a gradual process, it may be challenging to completely address this problem with a transplant unless you have proper planning. And this means that despite this procedure being a permanent one, the original hair may continue thinning.  

That’s why a patient may undergo more than one hair transplant procedure in their lifetime. And it would help to add density to a previously treated area, work on a new bald site, or target an ongoing hair loss area.

Alternatively, your doctor may request you take other hair loss medication. That could be minoxidil or finasteride. And that’s after your hair restoration surgery. And these help to stabilize the ongoing hair loss, minimizing the need for more surgery sessions.

Aftercare tips for your hair transplant surgery

  • Don’t wash your hair following surgery and after a few days. Then after seven days, you can clean the hair for a few days using a mild shampoo and nothing harsh since your area is still sensitive.  
  • Avoid pressing your brush or comb over the new grafts while brushing your hair for about three weeks. 
  • Don’t wear any clothes that might disturb your head, such as hats or pullover shirts, or anything tight.
  • Take a break from exercise, an incredibly strenuous workout for about a week.

And you should be able to go back to your normal activities after three days of rest. 


Hair transplants can be successful and help to restore your lost confidence. But if you want to know how long a hair transplant lasts, it will depend on the practitioner administering your treatment and the patient’s aftercare. It would be great for your doctor to discuss your hair transplant options for your hair loss issue. Ensure you get well informed before you start hair transplant therapy. 

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