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Understand Everything About Eyebrow Hair Trabsplant

Thin hair growth on eyebrows is common among various folks, including males and females. People usually prefer makeup liners to give a thick look to eyebrows. But this old-school technique is not natural and displays uneven results. Now, there is an enduring solution available for this problem. With eyebrow hair transplant Palm Desert one can achieve fuller and thicker growth of brows. It is a cosmetic procedure that concerns the transfer of body hairs from donor areas to bald eyebrows. However, it is a surgical treatment and not straightforward as it seems to look.

What causes hair loss at eyebrows?

Among the possible causes of less hair growth on eyebrows is mainly genetics. The androgenic alopecia can affect hairs of the head, face, and brows. However, there are several other causes that can trigger this condition. They might include:

Over-plucking of eyebrows

Hair-pulling disorder or Trichotillom Ania

 Burns, surgeries, accidents, etc

What is eyebrow hair restoration?

If you know what is hair transplantation for the hairs of the head, then it won’t be difficult to understand eyebrow hair restoration. It is a procedure that works to restore the thick and full growth of hairs on brows. These hairs are small and fewer in amounts than head and facial hairs. So, the technique could work faster to grow the hairs to add volume and thickness to brows. However, the treatment is somewhat challenging, so its needs to be done only by a professional hair surgeon. You can consult with an eyebrow hair transplant Palm Desert specialist to fulfill your unique eyebrow looks. You can even get hair growth if you even do not have natural hair growth on brows. The expert surgeon can use FUE and FUT techniques to improve the appearance of brows. Mainly, FUE is an advanced technique that leaves no visible scars and does not involve incisions.

The procedure for eyebrow hair transplant

If you are psychologically ready to restore the hairs on your brows, then you can undergo the procedure. It begins with local anesthesia close to your brows to let you not feel the pain and discomfort. However, the process is similar to hair transplant but involves hair implants on brows rather than the scalp. The hair surgeon would extract the individual hair follicles from the back of your head. The surgeon would also consider the area above your ears to fetch the follicles.

Now, the extracted hairs would be implanted into the bald sites. The surgeon will precisely pick each follicle and implant it into the brow. The procedure is really complicated since the skin on the brows is more sensitive. Therefore, it requires high expertise, knowledge, and the use of specialized tools. The entire eyebrow restoration procedure might take 2 to 3 hours. It will be performed inside eyebrow hair transplant Palm Desert clinic, and you can return home after completion. Particularly, an eyebrow hair transplant will require 200 to 300 hair grafts for completing the process.

After eyebrow restoration procedure

The completion of the eyebrow restoration would require to be winded up with a bandage. There is no need for stitches, unlike traditional strip methods. The surgeon will cover the brows with bandages to make sure they are attached to the skin properly. However, you can remove the bandage in a few days and can notice if there is any medical complication. Mild side effects like swelling, redness, and pain in the head and brows are normal and will reduce gradually. The surgeon will check if the transplanted hairs are settled properly in the skin and ready to grow naturally.

You would have to follow some necessary guidelines during the recovery period. You must avoid direct sunlight and also avoid using alcohol and medications. It will smoothly recover from the surgery, and you will be ready to experience the growth of new hairs. However, the hair growth process is similar to the hair transplant. But, you will see the fuller and thicker growth of eyebrow hairs. The procedure might cost on average 3000 to 6000 dollars. But will depend upon the number of grafts required.

To sum up

You can get permanent and natural growth of hairs with eyebrow hair transplant Palm Desert. In a 15 days period, you will notice a temporary fall of the hairs. But, in the time of 8-9 months, you can see full growth of hairs on brows. This is a safe, minimally invasive, and precise method of eyebrow restoration. But, you must get it from an expert hair surgeon. It would enable you to have superior outcomes for your investment for sure.

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