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U.S. STD Cases Spiked During Pandemic-Here is Why This Happened!

Studies regarding the health of people in the US have frequently been conducted. The studies reveal interesting facts about how different situations such as lockdown during the pandemic have affected the health of people in the US. There are some eye-opening facts about why the STD (sexually transmitted diseases) soared during the pandemic. Lockdown was a time when the people were restricted to stay at home. Social distancing was the norm. People chose to buy generic medicines online when they had regular health issues. This ensured lowered cases during the first three months of the lockdown. However, this trend changed later and the cases of STD patients saw an increase. 

The Revelations About Number of STD Cases

 While the number of STD cases reduced at the start of the pandemic, it again saw a surge by the end of 2020. Some of the prominent STDs that saw a rise in 2020 compared to the preceding year are syphilis, gonorrhoea and congenital syphilis. The report studying the STDs was released on 12 April 2022. It revealed the following facts:

  • There was a 10% surge in the gonorrhoea cases in 2020 compared to the previous year.
  • There was a 7% surge in the primary and secondary syphilis cases in 2020 compared to its previous year.
  • There was a 13% drop in the chlamydia cases in 2020 compared to the previous year. However, the doctors suspect that the total cases dropped because screening was reduced for these cases during the lockdown.
  • The total reported STDs in 2020 were 2.4 million cases while in the previous year it was 2.5 million cases.

What Researchers Suspect as Reasons for Lowered Reported STDs?

The lowered case numbers do not actually reveal a better health scenario. Here are some reasons why the total number of reported STDs were less than 2019 as per the researchers:

  • The Covid-19 pandemic became the top priority for all the public health workers. This caused them to side-line STD screening.
  • The total screenings of STDs were remarkably reduced.
  • The advance of technology caused a surge in telemedicine. This also caused fewer people to screen for diseases by visiting labs.
  • The pandemic resulted in an increase in unemployment. This caused people to avoid screening because of lack of medical insurance to cover for them.

How can People Prevent an Actual Surge in STDs?

It is a combined effort of multiple people and organisations to ensure better healthcare facilities to monitor the surge in STDs. Timely action about STDs can only be taken if screening is undertaken regularly. Here are the different people who can contribute to ensure lowered STD cases:

  • Maximum STD cases are visible among youngsters who are 24 years or younger. The different local health organisations can create awareness to focus on sexual health.
  • Health care providers need to be open while discussing about the STDs and eliminate the stigma associated with sexual health. 
  • The doctors reiterate the importance of identifying STD cases before these infections spread.
  • Awareness needs to be created among youngsters about preventing STDs by practising safe sex and the use of condoms.

Role of Parents in Promoting Healthy Intercourse

Youngsters are full of sexual energy. The sudden rush of desire is often unmanageable for youngsters. They seek unhealthy associations in hopes to cope their sexual desires. However, they lack the knowledge and experience to find the correct partners for themselves. They lack the understanding about health issues that arise due to sexual contact. Here parents can intervene to prevent unhealthy physical contact for youngsters. Here are the things parents can do:

  • Parents can educate their children about safe intercourse by using condoms.
  • They can also advise their youngsters about hygienic habits during and after lovemaking.
  • Parents can also advise their children to get screened at regular intervals for STDs.
  • They can warn their children about STDs and inform them about the possible symptoms.
  • Parents can also suggest a good and trusted USA Online Pharmacy for their medical purchases.
  • Interact freely with young children so that they can ask queries and get their doubts cleared.

How Healthy Sex Improves Life?

While STDs pose a threat to your peace, you cannot refrain completely from intimate connections. This is because intimate relationships add to your life in many ways. Here are some prime ways in which healthy intercourse adds to your life:

  • Intercourse with your partner helps to release stress.
  • There are studies that reveal that a person who has a good sex life also has better immunity.
  • When you have an intimate partner, your self-esteem improves.
  • Intercourse in itself is a great cardiovascular exercise that keeps you healthy.
  • Studies also show that women who have regular intercourse experience lesser pain during their menstrual cycle.
  • The chances of prostate cancer in men reduce when they have a regular and happy sex life.

Surely, a good sex life forms the foundation to happiness and good health.

Men often suffer from ED issues and then buy generic medicines online to deal with these issues. However, medicines only help to manage the condition and not cure it. Here are healthy ways to prevent ED issues:

  • Maintain a regular bodyweight. The studies reveal that overweight and obese men stand a higher chance of developing ED issues. The prevalence of ED issues is also more in underweight men.
  • Keep your mind free from stress. Work stress or other kinds of mental pressures may dampen your libido. Meditation and yoga are helpful techniques for relaxation.
  • Eat healthy food while avoiding junk foods completely. Go for a balanced diet with a fair share of vegetables, fruits, nuts and meat.
  • Get rid of any emotional baggage. If you have suffered from post-traumatic stress, consult a counsellor for advice.
  • Communicate freely with your partner. This will prevent misconceptions and ensure a smooth relationship with your partner.

If you experience any unusual symptom related to your health, consult a doctor. He will be able to suggest ways to improve your health and take the right measures.

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