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Traffic Tip Of The Day TTOTD #1 – Get Others to Share

Your Viral Traffic Campaign Can Be Successful if Others Share and Spread Your Blog Content

Today I am going to go over one of my favorite traffic methods. This method helps if you already have traffic but it is not absolutely necessary. What I’m talking about is taking advantage of viral content sharing and setting up several ways where your fans want to share your content Best Digital Marketing Agency In Mohali.

Why Would People Share my Articles?

This is one of the biggest questions you need to ask yourself. First off, authoritative bloggers have a list of people who are literally waiting to share new articles with their social network followers. This helps them drive tons of traffic to every article they post. On the other hand, bloggers with a small following find it hard to get people to share. This is where your strategy comes in!

My Sharing Strategy

As you can see, my strategy involves several different things. First off, I recommend you utilize various WordPress plugins that I will go over later in the article. Different WordPress plugins help you put share bars all around your website and it really gives people an incentive to share. Without these, you are cutting off a potential traffic source that could bring you targeted leads.

The next part of my strategy are the tips that I give you. People don’t like to share the same old articles. For example, writing an article that says “YouTube is good for marketing” is pointless unless you show why with pictures and stats and real life examples that impress people. Articles that wow people or teach them something will typically incline them to share it.

The other way to get people to share is with incentives. Let’s say you want thousands of new people to see your squeeze page. You currently have a list of 500 email subscribers who are interested in your emails and your niche. Now how do you go about getting your squeeze page noticed? Well, Best Digital Marketing Agency In Mohali the best thing to do is offer a free report to your subscribers if they share your squeeze page on either Twitter, Facebook, or Google+. In fact, you can use a service like right now and set everything up. The best way to get people to do the things you want is to give them free stuff.

Why Do I Want People Sharing My Articles?

Imagine if someone named @PersonXYZ123 has a Twitter account with 5,000 followers. He happens to stumble upon your article because the niche and the topic piqued his interest. So after reading the article, @PersonXYZ123 sees an option to share this article on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Digg, Reddit, etc. He decides to share your article with his 5,000 followers and it ends up getting re-tweeted over 50 times. Even if the people who Retweet your article only have 100 followers each, you will still have a total reach above 10,000 people who will see that tweet.

Now you see the power of sharing and why it can be so important!

Best WordPress Plugins for Sharing

  1. Get Social

This plugin will add a floating sharebar to the side of your posts. It will allow people to add your article to services like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and it is completely free. You could also use Sharebar, which is what I am currently using (it did take some customization on my part though).

  1. Shareaholic

This plug-in pretty much lets you add horizontal sharing bars wherever you want on your Word Press blog. I currently use this one on the top and the bottom of my articles and the format’s are completely different. This is an easy-to-use and free plug-in that I recommend for everyone.

  1. Social Metrics

This is a fairly new one I have just downloaded, but I like it so far. Social Metrics keeps track of all the stats for your blog articles and how much they have been shared throughout various social networks. I recommend this plugin for when people start sharing your articles more often.

  1. ShareThis

Share this might be the best plugin on this list, but sometimes best comes last right? I don’t currently use ShareThis but I know that the service is tremendous and they actually have their own website where you can track your stats.

Best Thing to Do Right Now

If I were you, I would go check out This is a free service that allows you to add a free gift, a message, and a link to a page that you want traffic to. Best Digital Marketing Agency In Mohali Then, you can advertise your “share this” button and try to put your viral campaign to work. This service works if you can promote your share button to others on a large basis. However, I couldn’t believe that Cloud flood offered their service for free.

In Conclusion

I know you want to share this wonderful post now! Please let me know what you think in the comments and if you have any strategies, services, or websites that you like to use for viral traffic then let me know about them.

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