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Top Mobile App Development Companies in Chicago & How to Hire the Right One

Hiring mobile app developers in Chicago is no cakewalk, especially when you are on a tight budget. Most businesses prefer hiring freelance developers from Asia or Africa, but the cost they pay in terms of quality and reliability can impact the overall business drastically.

Therefore, hiring a reliable app development company near you is crucial for building successful apps. But for that, you must first examine some outcomes to partner with a company that aligns perfectly with your goals. And before kick-starting your mobile app development process, it is crucial to know what exactly you are looking for.

This article will share a brief guide on partnering with the right mobile app development company. Moreover, it will list down the top five app development companies you can trust and their core competencies in the industry.

Let’s begin!

7 Steps to Hire the Right App Developer in Chicago

Below are the seven crucial steps you should consider before hiring a mobile app development company:

Have a Clear Set of Goals

The first thing you need to do is to have a clear set of goals and objectives for your mobile app. You can conduct a brief meeting with all the stakeholders and partners to discuss the most pressing needs of your business. This practice helps clearly define the goals behind building the app. Moreover, it can help set realistic metrics to judge the productivity and performance of the mobile app.

Conduct Interviews with Multiple Companies

Building a mobile app requires substantial capital investments. Therefore, conducting detailed interviews with at least three companies is mandatory. This practice enables businesses to negotiate for the price and better understand the whole app development process.

You might be surprised to know the pay disparity in app development. The hourly rate for app development varies from region to region. For instance, mobile app development in Dallas is relatively cheaper than in Chicago or other regions.

Check Portfolio

The second most crucial step in hiring an app development company is carefully inspecting their previous work. You should always ask them to share their portfolios and previous clients and try to contact those clients to get honest feedback. It might sound overwhelming, but once you’re satisfied with your research, you can put all your trust in the company you choose to partner with.

Be Prepared to Raise your Budget

This might seem surprising, but top-tier app development companies have their minimum thresholds for the price. You can hire hundreds of jack of all niches at a slightly lower price. However, you will surely regret your decision to partner with them in the long run.

If your budget is low, wait a little more. Don’t compromise on the quality by hiring amateurs and risking the overall reputation of your business. It’s always better to wait rather than go for the wrong choice.

Ask About the Tech Stack

The mistake most entrepreneurs make while partnering with an app developer in Chicago or other places is not questioning the technologies used in their app development process.

Questioning about the tech stack was not necessary back in the early 2010s. Today, however, it’s crucial to choose the right tech stack for your app as it can significantly impact the speed and performance of your app.

Know Your Target Audience

The smartphone market in the US is highly saturated between Android and iOS. Around 39% of smartphone users in the US are on Android. And the iOS market share is just above 51% of the total population. Therefore, knowing what platform your target audience primarily uses is crucial for your business.

You can filter the results according to your business niche and determine whether you need a separate mobile app for both platforms or not.

Negotiate the Price

Once you have conducted initial interviews with multiple app development companies, compare their packages. This practice will allow you to negotiate the price backed by data. And this data-backed negotiation approach will help you get a better deal.

Make sure you have a specific range for the development budget before walking in to close the deal.

10 Best Mobile App Developers in Chicago

Here are our top three picks for mobile app development companies in Chicago.


TekRevol is a mobile app development company striving to build a sustainable future with technology. Its innovation-driven approach enables businesses to embrace digital transformation and help them reach their maximum potential.

TekRevol’s services range from helping startups go digital to building custom mobile apps for corporate enterprises. After successfully making it to the Inc. 5000 list, they now aim to get listed on NASDAQ and Forbes 500 most innovative companies on the planet.

Being an innovation-led mobile application development company, TekRevol looks forward to building new partnerships with stakeholders and clients and attracting a talented pool of professionals to help them build a sustainable future with technology.

Red Foundry

Red Foundry is an app design company in Chicago. They have years of experience building iOS and Android apps with a strong focus on user experience. Apart from building remarkable mobile apps, they offer top-notch marketing services to boost the rankings and performance of a mobile app.

The major strength of Red Foundry is building thoughtful digital products that can change the course of a business.

Kiteley Labs

Kiteley Labs is a mobile app development company in Chicago specializing in building custom mobile apps for small businesses. They have a unique approach to developing a mobile app that focuses on user engagement and retention. Their seasoned developers and front-end designers specialize in building native and hybrid apps. Moreover, they offer custom design and development services to help small businesses scale faster and discover new opportunities.

Wrapping Up…

Investing in building a mobile app for your business is as crucial as getting an online presence was back in the last 2010s. Whether you are an entrepreneur seeking investment opportunities or a consumer business owner looking to streamline your business operations, invest in mobile app development, and you will reap endless benefits in the future.

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