Top 8 Reasons Why You Should Try an Escape Room  

Escape rooms have emerged as one of the most immersive games worldwide. People, irrespective of their age and varied tastes, derive equal fun and enjoyment from these games. Numerous top-notch escape room ventures have popped up in different parts of the world, offering authentic and original escape room experiences.   

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Escape rooms have become a sensational form of entertainment these days. People of different ages, ethnicities and geographic locations enjoy these games. Escape rooms provide the perfect space for players to spend time together. But for people who still doubt the vitality of escape room games, check out these top eight reasons that make escape rooms a must-try for everyone:  

1. Improve your creative potential. 

Escape rooms are popularly known for triggering the creative faculties of players—the escape rooms transport players into a new world, detached from their reality. For players to succeed in solving the mysteries of this world, it becomes essential to utilize their creative abilities. Players must think of unique and innovative ways to escape the room in time! Creativity is the key to the game, from solving tricky puzzles to connecting every fragment of the game.  

2. It offers a distraction-free zone!  

Escape rooms generally last for an hour. Throughout the game, players have enough room and space to spend quality time with their teammates. Away from their natural world, where social media notifications continue to distract them every moment, escape rooms offer a distraction-free zone. Hence, playing an escape game with your friends, family, or colleagues allows you to spend some real and quality time with them without distraction.  

3. Enhance your communication skills.  

Escape rooms make it essential for players to communicate continuously with each other throughout the gaming process. Players need to portray a seamless line of communication in the escape room, from sharing their recent discoveries to their thoughts about a particular riddle. Escape rooms also make it essential for the rest of the team to listen to the words of their fellow teammates patiently. Hence, escape games are fruitful exercises to enhance the communication abilities of your team. 

4. Uplifts your problem-solving abilities. 

Escape rooms present several tricky challenges and riddles before the players to solve. When players participate in an escape room game, they need to make their way through the complex and uncomplicated problems ahead of them. Players need to get together and think of unique and out-of-the-box ways to solve the challenges in front of them. Hence, escape rooms can efficiently improve their problem-solving abilities as players make their way out of the tricky challenges in the game. 

5. Efficient team-building activity  

Escape rooms are team games requiring players to work together to achieve the desired objective. It required players to play the game together instead of as separate units. Hence, escape rooms can be the perfect team-building exercise for different teams. 

6. Calls for interaction  

Players cannot remain numb and quiet when they play an escape room game. Instead, players must interact with each other and their surroundings in the escape game. Every challenge in the escape room is unique and requires players to interact with each other to solve it correctly. 

7. Exposes the strengths and weaknesses of players  

Escape rooms trigger players to step up and take the initiative. You never know what you will learn about your team players as they play in an escape room. Someone you previously perceived as a good leader may be good at solving puzzles. Hence, escape rooms effectively reveal all player’s hidden strengths and weaknesses as they actively participate in the escape game.   

8. Enhances time management skills  

Escape rooms offer players only a designated time to solve the riddles and challenges present in the escape game. Usually, players have an hour in hand to search for clues, solve tricky puzzles and make their escape in time. The time constraints of the escape rooms trigger players to use their time judiciously. Proper planning and saving time become essential to succeed in the escape room challenge. 

9. Foster Relationships 

Escape Room allows players to spend plenty of time with their teammates. The game requires players to cooperate. Every player should understand and listen to their teammates as well. Thus, players can improve their relationships with friends, family and even colleagues by working together in these games.


These are some of the many reasons that make it essential for everyone to try out an escape room gaming experience. So, book an escape room game to play with your team, family or friends and create a beautiful memories that you will cherish for lifetime.

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