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Tips to Create Coordination in Your Home through Rugs

It’s a well-known fact that the living room is one of the most popular spots in your home. It is because it’s where you spend time with family and friends, watch tv, or relax after a long day at work. To make this space look beautiful and inviting, it can be helpful to add some new rugs! A rug can be a great way to spruce up your living room and make it more livable. A home without a rug is like a person without shoes. It just doesn’t feel complete, and it’s probably not the best thing for your feet either. That’s why we’re going to take you through 11 living room rug trends that will be perfect for any space and surprisingly low-key at the same time!

Go for the Full Coverage

The first living room rug trend you’re going to want to try out is the Full Coverage Rug. When people think of rugs, they usually picture a small area or runner in front of their sofa or chairs, but there are some beautiful full coverage options for your space too! Covering almost your entire floor with a large rug can be a great way to create an anchor for your space. It’s also the perfect place to put out some extra side tables or even display some of your favorite pieces. The large area rugs in a shaggy or thick texture will make it feel extra cozy.

Go for an Animal Print

And then there’s the classic choice for the living room; animal print! Whether it’s leopard, zebra, or cheetah, you can’t go wrong with this timeless pattern. There are so many different colors and designs to choose from too. Animal print will give a classic touch to your space and is a great way to add some texture. They are also perfect for a contemporary makeover. The best way to do this is with a large statement rug. This style is perfect for the modern family or someone who wants to make their living room look stylish but still cozy at the same time! A tufted ottoman is great because you can put your feet on it, sit back and relax while also having more seating options. You could even place it under the coffee table.

Take Advantage Of Texture And Pattern

The next rug style you’ll see popping up in living rooms everywhere is texture and pattern! Now, it’s not to say that we’re going back to the ’80s, but patterns and colors will be having a major moment all year long. It is a great way to add personality and spunk to your space without overdoing it! Go for a thick texture with a mix of small patterns and colors, or go for a soft subtle look that is all about the pattern! The colors and patterns will help you to create a chic living room. It also brings balance. If you have a dark-colored sofa, it will look better with patterns and lighter colors to compensate for the darkness of your couch!

Sleek And Sleek-Looking Rugs

This year’s living room rug trends are about achieving that sleek effect without looking too modern or cold. Think minimalistic designs in shades of gray, white, and black. We love the look of an elegant rug that is also modern with its pattern or design! It can be achieved by adding patterns into your space with an eye-catching living room rug. Add in pops of color to make it pop. The sleek and minimalistic look is versatile and it goes well with different types of furniture.

Natural Fibers Are The Way To Go

Another trend that you’ll likely see in living rooms across the world is natural fibers! These materials give off an organic feel while also appearing modern simultaneously, which makes them extremely versatile. If you want to go for a natural fiber, but aren’t quite sure what type of material is best for your space, then we recommend rugs made out of jute. Jute has an incredibly soft texture that feels like suede and comes in many different colors! It’s also extremely durable. The best jute rugs will bring out the best in your living room. Jute is one of the most versatile natural fibers out there! Its durability makes it a great choice for high-traffic areas, while its unique texture will add depth to any space. Jute is also soft and cozy underfoot, making it perfect for sitting with family or friends!

Go for Natural Elements 

The next rug trend you’re going to want to try is incorporating natural elements into your space! It includes adding some greenery, keeping with neutral colors, and even adding wood or stone accents. Wood has been having quite an on-trend moment over the last couple of years, and that’s no different when it comes to rugs! Wood-inspired living room rug designs range from simple patterns with a wood grain texture to intricate detailing on top of a neutral base color. Stone is another natural material you’ll want to consider for your space. Use stone accessories throughout the room or go the nine yards and incorporate them into your rug design.

Layer it!

Layering makes everything perfect. The same piece of advice applies to your living room rugs. Layer a smaller rug on top of a larger, more neutral one or layer two similar-sized area rugs together for an extra-plush look and feel! Layering is the perfect way to add visual interest without going full-on crazy with pattern and color. Layers also help define different areas of your living room, giving you a more personalized space.

Go plush!

Another way to give your living room rug some depth is by choosing one with a deep pile. It has been easy to follow because the texture it adds makes everything look so expensive and cozy! There are many affordable options out there for this look. The plush texture is also the perfect balance to a more modern, sparse vibe. A small round plush rug over the top of your existing rug in the living room is a great way to update an old piece. You can then use this area as an ottoman or sitting space for when you have guests over, giving it added functionality and style!

Mix it Up!

The best rug trends are unexpected ones. A living room rug trend that is creating a lot of buzz right now is using multiple rugs in one space! It can serve two purposes; you can make your small floor plan feel larger by covering more ground with the same square footage or adding some depth to an existing design element. You can also add some dimension to space by varying the heights of your rugs! It is great for kitchen or living room spaces that you don’t want it looking too busy.

Wrapping Up

When it comes to updating your living room space, you may not want a rug that screams, “Hey! I’m here!” RugKnots has an enormous selection of rugs in neutral colors and designs. We have something for every budget. If there is one thing we’ve learned from watching trends come and go over the years, it’s this – people are low-key, loving these beautiful living rooms with elegant but subtle furniture arrangements. So if you’re looking for some new carpeting or upholstered pieces without making too much of a statement, check out what our experts at RugKnots can do for you today!

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