Tips to clean your house 

Tips to clean your house. Activities during the summer mean that there is hardly any time left for deep cleaning. Holidays, trips and outings are part of this pleasant time. The result is that, when the vacation period is over, cleaning the house thoroughly can become a tedious task . How can you organize yourself to attend to it? In this article we will explain what you can do.

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How to thoroughly clean your house after summer

After the vacation period, it is necessary to recover the routine and resume work habits. And as part of the main activities for after the summer is cleaning the house thoroughly. A thorough cleaning will be essential to return to the routine with the best attitude and without leaving pending. Therefore, the following tips will surely help you to have a home to your liking.

Organize yourself for a thorough cleaning of the house

The initial step to clean the house thoroughly is related to good organization. In this sense, the first thing we recommend doing is establishing an action plan in accordance with reality . We don’t want you to get overwhelmed after the holidays, so it’s important that the plan is as realistic as possible. This will allow you to attend to things in the correct order.

As a basic part of the plan you need to establish the priorities and how much time you estimate to dedicate to each thing . In that order, the priority can be as long as it takes you, even if it requires a few steps. For example, start with the largest areas of the house, since this way you will be able to see a quick effect in less time. And the time you allocate, avoid implying the use of many hours.

In addition, it is very good to take advantage of the occasion to separate the things that you can throw away and those that you can keep. This technique allows you to vacate spaces you will surely be able to use in a more practical way. And finally, determine what cleaning products are going to be used. Something that can help you is the recommendations in the post on what cleaning products should not be mixed.

Do the cleaning of the rooms separately

Cleaning the rooms does not have to be a problem, even if there are many rooms in the house. Everything will depend on the action plan you decide to establish. But to give you an idea of ​​how to start, the following order will seem interesting:

  1. Follow an order of rooms : Keeping an order in this type of cleaning helps you avoid unnecessary steps and make better use of time, achieving performance and quality in cleaning.
  2. Cleaning the rooms : The proper way to clean the rooms is from top to bottom. Thus, you will not have to remove dust or residue again.
  3. The cabinets and drawers: For a thorough cleaning you must remove the cabinets and drawers, clean the interior and return them to their original position.
  4. The corridor: This cleaning requires good attention since each type of floor needs a different treatment. You can learn some interesting details about this in the article: Learn to clean each type of floor.
  5. The curtains: It is important to wash the curtains to remove any residue of dust or dirt they may have. This is an essential step in preventing allergies.
  6. Windows and shutters: Both windows and shutters require careful and precise cleaning. You can remove the accumulated dust in one go.

The cleaning of the bathroom

Bathroom cleaning may seem like another difficult challenge to overcome. Although it is one room takes up less space compared to the rooms or the kitchen, it has its activities. And in this case, the proper use of disinfectant products for each section will be very necessary. However, we can simplify the activities in two very simple steps:

  1. Cleaning of toilets, showers, furniture, and others: This cleaning involves the removal of dust from each of the areas and then disinfecting. It will be necessary to use recommended cleaning products so that they do not cause damage to the surface. Also, rinse with enough water so that no residue remains.
  2. Anti-limescale treatment: The walls and partitions accumulate debris because of lack of use. We must remove these to prevent damage and also affect good hygiene. The most applied procedure is cleaning by using a shower brush or sponge. And they will regain health and good looks.

kitchen cleaning

Cleaning up the kitchen can be one of the first planned activities. By starting with it, you will achieve a very rewarding space with which you will feel more comfortable. How can you start this task? Following a sequence like the following:

  1. The fridge and the freezer : Before making the pantry it is advisable to start with the fridge. This is one section that needs the most time, since we store the food there. This way you secure an essential part.
  2. Appliances, furniture, cabinets and hood : All these devices follow the refrigerator. You can organize them by areas or by group of teams. This will give you the opportunity to complete the cleanup in a more orderly manner.

After reviewing some ideas on how to clean the house thoroughly after the summer, there is no doubt how hard it can be . And above all, after the holidays. However, you don’t have to let this chore keep you up at night. You just need to have a cleaning professional like SCS Group Integrated Services, a professional cleaning company expert in home cleaning.

Do you really need to entrust the cleaning of your home to a specialized company? The benefits you get are immediately noticeable, in health, economy, efficiency and more. You can learn a little more about these in the article benefits of home cleaning.

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