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Tips for Packing an Office in Preparation for a Moving

There will be certain places in your house that demand a little more delicacy when it comes time to pack everything and get started on your move, whether it’s cross-country or just across town—especially your home office removals in Perth. You probably have high-priced items like a computer, office supplies, papers, and even décor. How should an office be packed for a move? We have some recommendations for you.

How to Put an Office Together and Moving

Take a look at our list of suggested packing strategies for an office transfer.


Getting rid of unneeded goods is be the first step in packing an office for a move. It’s up to you to decide what should go and what should stay. Home offices, like normal workplaces, are prone to being cluttered with unnecessary files, paperwork, and other items. Take some time to go through your drawers and clean away any needless clutter before packing everything up. Shred any unnecessary files, and put the crucial ones in a bag or something similar so they’re all together during the relocation.

Get the Right Equipment

You’ll need appropriate packing materials before you think of packing and moving. This list can help you get started:

  • Bookshelf boxes
  • Electronics containers (various sizes)
  • Bubble wrap/packing paper
  • Picture frame
  • Box with mirrors
  • TV set-up

Most goods in your home office can be put in specialised containers, so do your homework before tossing them into random boxes.

Documents that needs to be packed

It is critical to pack up all of the documents and paperwork that you have in your home. We’re talking about birth documents, tax filings, and the like. For a move, these must be safely stowed. Start by sorting through the documents—you’ve probably done this before as part of your first assessment of your office move, but just to be safe, look over everything you’ve gathered again to make sure you haven’t missed anything. Remove any remaining undesirable documents before starting to pack the rest.

Pack the remaining documents after you’ve organized them however you want. To keep the materials orderly and distinct, we recommend utilising individual accordion folders.

The last step in packing important documents is to double-check that they are correctly labelled. Place a label on the accordion folder and the box it will be placed in. If possible, it’s also a good idea to travel with your documentation on your person. You can keep them near to you at all times this way.

Pack your electronics

It can be a pain to pack up your home office devices. To begin, make sure you have a backup of all your files on a hard drive or somewhere else similarly secure. properly organise the numerous wires and cords to stay away from mess. For electronics, it’s always a good idea to use plenty of padding and packing moving material—they’re usually the most expensive objects in a home office. Make careful to pack each component of your computer (mouse, screen, and keyboard) separately so they don’t collide during the move.

Decor/fragile items should be sent separately

Any fragile things in your home office should be securely wrapped in packing paper and stored in the appropriate-sized box.

You may label the box they’re in as FRAGILE to make it clear that the contents are vulnerable to damage.

Books should be packed and Moving

A home office’s book collection can quickly develop and expand. We recommend checking over all of your items before starting to box them up because your collection may be larger than you anticipated. Sort through any books you don’t use or want anymore. It’s time to start packing once that phase is completed. Stacking a lot of books together can quickly become very heavy, so keep that in mind as you pack them up.

Using tape to secure the bottom of your book and movers

Using extra tape to reinforce and keep boxes from breaking during a transfer (due to excess weight) is a good idea. If you have a lot of heavy books, another option for transporting them is to put them in a rolling suitcase. It will be easier to transport them on wheels than it will be to transport them by other means.

Furniture that needs to be packed and Movers

Taking care of the furniture is the final stage in packing an office. Begin by determining whether it is worthwhile. The majority of office furniture is bulky and inconvenient. In certain cases, leaving the furniture behind is the best option, especially if it holds little sentimental importance for you or your family. If you decide that any pieces must be relocated, begin by disassembling them. This will make transporting them much easier.

Following the disassembly, the furniture may be loaded onto the moving truck with greater ease.

If you’re moving your home office, call OZZIEE MOVERS

OZZIEE MOVERS has years of expertise assisting clients with cross-country moves. As we get you from point A to point B, trust our crew rather than any other local movers in Perth to handle your belongings with care and concern. To learn more, please contact us immediately.

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