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Tips for a first time solo trip

Whether you are thinking about traveling solo or have already decided to do it, you must have a million questions, such as, where should you go? And for how long? Will there be someone to talk to? How can you stay safe? And is it okay to travel alone?

Believing in yourself is the first step. Fear is the primary reason that stops the majority of people from solo-traveling. But all it takes is that hop on the plane, and suddenly all the fear goes away. It is only in your head that you are afraid. Yes, you should take precautions, but traveling alone isn’t as scary as it may appear. Solo travel has only made people stronger and more independent. Anyone can do it. Trust yourself, and take the plunge.

Choose your destination wisely

A solo trip starts with the destination! All seasoned travelers agree that the experience of exploring a place alone is as important as the destination itself. As a result, you should choose a place that makes you feel comfortable since traveling solo is already an overwhelming experience. Are there any places that you always dreamed of traveling to? Or ones that you felt drawn to? Is your cup overflowing with activity in the city or are you a nature lover who prefers quiet and picturesque places? Consider this before you plan your trip.

For those who feel anxious about traveling alone, familiar places can be a good place to start, while adventure-seekers can consider places abroad. Whichever place you choose, it should be a place that motivates and inspires you.

Lay the groundwork before traveling solo

It’s true that solo trips are more flexible and don’t have to be meticulously planned, but that doesn’t mean you should pack your bags and hit the road. Your choice of destination will require you to do a good deal of research – from its climatic conditions and sightseeing options to its culture, food, and everything else that goes with it. As well as researching the accommodation and transportation options, make sure to do extensive research. Check the rules, timings, and other regulations before you plan to visit any monument or popular attraction. Additionally, you should consider one-day tours to the destination, which will enable you to meet new people and see many sights in one day.

The internet is an invaluable tool when you want to familiarize yourself with a new destination without actually traveling there. Search, and read again and again. You can find blogs and travel guides online for pretty much every destination under the sun. If you know anyone who has been there, ask them.

If culture, food and good weather conditions are what you are looking for then Goa beach side hotels can be a great option for you to explore. Choosing a destination, which connects with you is the best place to travel and feel comfortable in the tranquil waters of Goa.  

Create a budget if you consider traveling solo

It’s time for the most important part – money! Your budget for a solo trip is highly influenced by two factors: transportation and accommodation. Transport includes sightseeing, pickup and drop-off, and other activities within the destination. Your tentative itinerary should give you a good idea of these costs.

Accommodations, though, are the trickiest part of all. Every city or small town has both luxury hotels and budget boarding places. How should you choose? A good night’s sleep is all that you need when you plan to get out and explore the area from morning to evening.  Therefore, you can opt for a hotel or boarding facility that is safe, affordable and comfortable. Before selecting a hotel or boarding facility, check the reviews, ratings and pictures on the internet.  

In addition to these expenses, you also need to include food, drinks, entertainment, tickets and entry fees, souvenirs, and travel insurance. This is especially important if you are traveling solo outside India.

Book in advance

The next step after planning your trip and establishing your budget is booking tickets. This is one area in which you can save money. In India, the majority of places are connected by railways, which is the cheapest mode of transportation. However, you may also consider flying if you find incredibly low-cost air tickets. Likewise, you should also book your accommodation well in advance. If you are looking for hotels online, there are many companies that run great deals and discounts all year long.

You should consider booking your hotels as a priority if your destination is Goa. As we all know Goa is the go-to destination among most travelers. For solo travelers, hotels in North Goa is the best option as it offers beach view rooms, multi-cuisine restaurants and other luxuries to feel rejuvenated and relaxed. Book resort in North Goa in advance so that you do not regret missing out on the best of everything you desire in one place. 

Never ignore your gut feeling

Did you ever walk into a place and feel eerie without knowing why? Did you ever encounter a person who looked and sounded perfectly normal, but who gave you a very unnerving feeling? When have you ever felt something wasn’t right? That feeling is called a gut feeling. If something – a person, a place, a situation – doesn’t feel right, it’s most likely not right. It’s as simple as that. Whenever you are exploring the world on your own, you can trust your gut instincts more than anyone else.

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