These are the 5 Best Electric Mountain Bikes to Buy in 2022

Although electric mountain bikes have been around since the 1990s, EV powertrains were only practical in the last few years. E-MTBs are lighter than their pedal-powered counterparts and can be used to propel a bike uphills. These are the 5 Best Electric Mountain Bikes to Buy in 2022.

Today’s electrified mountain bikes are greatly benefited by technological advances in the motorcycle and electric car sectors. They combine cutting-edge frame constructions and geometries with ultra-advanced electric engine and battery configurations.

Shopping for an E-MTB can seem daunting, especially to those who are not familiar with the options. With this in mind, we have reviewed the most recent two-wheeled releases as well as the latest offerings from the top brands to bring you this guide on the best E-mountain bikes.

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5 Best Electric Mountain Bikes to Buy in 2022


HAIBIKE’s ALLMTN 5 (or “All Mountain 5”), is the most expensive model on our list. However, it’s an extremely capable machine with high-end components. The bike’s heart is a 625Wh Bosch PowerTube Battery that powers a 250W motor, which allows for an assisted cruising speed of up to 20 mph.

The HAIBIKE also features a Shimano XT 12-speed shifter and a RockShox suspension system with Lyrik Ultimate RC2 Fork and a Deluxe Select+ RT back shock. These provide 6.3″ and 5.9 inches of travel, respectively.

Lapierre Overvolt GLP 2 Elite

Lapierre’s Overvolt GLP Elite, a French-designed and engineered endurance electric mountain bike, features an EV motor that is centrally located in a carbon fiber chassis. This allows for a riding experience that is remarkably similar to a traditional mountain bike.

This model features a RockShox Zeb Charger RC Fork and four-piston calipers. It also has the latest Bosch Performance CX motor, which draws 500Wh from a Bosch Powerpack Purion.

Cannondale Moterra Neo Carbon 2

This bike has a top speed of 20 mph and a 625Wh battery. It also boasts an assisted range exceeding 60 miles.


YT Industries’ Decoy CF Pro E-MTB is a legitimately Pro-Grade model. It features a carbon-framed design and a number of high-end components. This race-spec offering includes Fox Float Factory suspension front & aft, a Shimano E8000 motor unit, Renthal stem & handlebars, a Shimano E8000 battery, and SRAM Code RSC brakes. YT also offers Core 4-spec Decoy, which costs $1,025.

Simplon Rapcon PMAX

The Rapcon Pmax by Simplon is a high-end touring and all-mountain-focused bike. The dual-battery configuration of this Aussie-built bike boasts an impressive 1,125Wh battery capacity and a weight of just under 50lbs. This feat is possible thanks to the ultra-lightweight carbon frame.

Ducati TK01 – RR

The TK01 RR is as impressive as you would expect from this superbike manufacturer. This bike is constructed around a CNC-machined 6061 aluminum frame. It also features a Shimano EP8 motor with 63ft-lbs torque.

Santa Cruz Bullit

Santa Cruz introduced the first eMTB in its more than quarter-century-long history in early 2020. Santa Cruz has since developed a more advanced, electrified mountain bike called the Bullit. This bike is less than 50 pounds and benefits greatly from many parts and elements derived from downhill race bikes. The Shimano EP8 Shimano drive system was custom-tuned for more power in trail mode, without reducing its 630wh battery.

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