The Most Popular PHP Frameworks to Use in 2022: Laravel vs Yii

There is no denying the fact that PHP is one of the best backend programming languages used by many top brands such as Wikipedia, Facebook, Yahoo, Slack, Tumblr, and many more to build their websites. So, if you are a business owner and want to build a potential website to boost your business, PHP can be the best programming language to choose. But make sure you choose the right framework that is capable enough to construct complex web applications with multiple functionalities.

Laravel and Yii are consider the two most popular frameworks for the PHP framework for several reasons. Most of the businesses varying in types, sizes, and industries now rely on these two specific frameworks while building their PHP-based website. So, if you want your business to grow efficiently in the digital platform you must have to Hire a Yii Development Company or opt for skilled Laravel developers who can make the best use of these frameworks.

A Brief Overview of Laravel:

Laravel is no doubt a top-ranked framework. It is because it has the most prominent community all across the world. Now, look at several key features that make Laravel popular among the various PHP frameworks.

  • Artisan: Laravel is featur with a common-line tool named Artisan that allows developers to create models, control and configure schedule tasks. In addition, Laravel is capable enough to perform multiple custom commands without any difficulties.
  • Eloquent: It is an object-Relational Mapping System of Laravel framework that allows the developers to implement a transparent ActiveRecord template that can interact with databases efficiently.
  • Databases: Laravel comprises packages for every available database format. It can work with Redis key, value store, a seeder tool for test data, and features migrations which result in easy porting of database changes and versioning.
  • Blade Template Engine: It enables the view of PHP code until it is modified. It results in zero overloads to the application.
  • Efficient Libraries: Laravel is featured with more than a hundred standard Laravel libraries that are helpful for the developers for official documentation. The developers can safely use these libraries for developing their projects.

Why Choose Laravel as a PHP Framework for Your Next Project?

There is no denying the fact that Laravel offers a great virtual development environment for PHP. So, if you are in the process of revamping your website with PHP, you can Hire Laravel Developers India without any hesitation. A recent study shows that more than 1.1 million PHP-based websites are using Laravel as their framework and the number is continuously growing rapidly every day. So, before you choose Laravel as your PHP framework for your next project, look at the benefits of using Laravel as your PHP framework:

  • Simplicity & Efficiency: Laravel is ranked as the no.1 PHP framework. It simply means that you can find a wide range of skilled web developers with prominent knowledge of Laravel. They are efficient enough to build a stunning PHP website in just one or two days. This fast development process reduces the development cost. So, it is no doubt a cost-effective solution.
  • Robust Security: In this digital world, security has become the main concern for most businesses. With the advancement of digital marketing, cyber hackers have also become active and they are now inventing smart hacking techniques. So, it becomes necessary for business owners to ensure rock-solid security for their websites. If you Hire Laravel Developers in India, you don’t have to worry about the security of your website as they are concerned about how to secure the website from hackers in PHP by using the Laravel framework. It is because Laravel is featured with advanced security features such as Bcrypt hashing algorithms, authentication, restricted access features, and many more.
  • Scalable Performance: Laravel ensures the out-of-the-box performance of your website. It can enhance your website’s performance by boosting up your site’s speed using speed optimization techniques such as memory use reduction, database indexing, etc.
  • Simple Website Maintenance: Laravel comprises standout features such as clean code, MVC architecture, OOP principles, and many more. So, maintaining the Laravel site over time is not a difficult thing.
  • The Cost of Laravel Site: Being an open-source framework, Laravel is free to use for any project. The only cost related to Laravel is the cost of hiring good Laravel developers to handle your project. In addition, it has also demands less maintenance as compared to the other frameworks.  So, it is obvious that a Laravel project is going to be more cost-effective for you in the long run.

A Brief Overview of Yii:

Yii is a highly popular PHP framework used by developers all across the world. The striking features that make Yii acceptable among the developers are:

  • Support: Yii offers several third-party supports such as Microsoft BI and MongoDB support for PostgreSQL, My SQL, SQLite, Oracle, and other DBMS.
  • Code Generation Automation: It allows the developers to speed up the coding by using the GII extension. It enables the developers to create anything from a model to a CRUD.
  • No Frequent Update Needed: With Yii, you don’t need to port the project code frequently. It simply means that it will reduce your app development cost to some extent.
  • Great Learning Opportunity: You can find capable Yii developers who can integrate the Yii framework for PHP development. In addition, you can find numerous official documentation and online tutorial help that will allow you to find any solution.

Why Choose Yii as a PHP Framework for Your Next Project?

Yii has emerged as a complete web development framework and gained popularity among developers across the world. It is an open-source PHP-base framework that is capable meet the demands of every business. Thus it gets its name ‘Yes It Is’. It is a highly efficient PHP framework that supports the rapid development of a website. Now look at the benefits of choosing Yii as a PHP framework for your next project:

  • Flexibility: Yii has a very simple code structure which offers flexibility. Moreover, it is easy to edit and customize as per the business requirements. In addition, it also allows the developers to run the application in no time using all the basic CRUD operations.
  • Easy Installation: PHP Yii is an easy-to-install framework. It allows the developers to install and configure Yii without much hassle and trouble.
  • Utilizing Modern Technologies: It is a pure OOP framework featured with more advance technologies including SPL classes and interface, late static binding, and other additional functions.
  • Security Matters: No one can deny that proper security is essential for web development and here Yii proves to be the best. It is featur with a security application component with several method to help developers in creating a more secure application.
  • Less Development Time: Yii is featured with so many tools that can help you to spend less time on several steps of the web development process such as creating code templates for Forms, extensions, models, etc. Being an efficient PHP framework, Yii can genuinely help you to create modern web applications in minimum time. Thus, it can also reduce your development cost. So, it is recommende to Hire a Yii Development Company with years of expertise so that you can get the best solution at the best price.

Laravel vs Yii: A Comparative Study: 

Though both Laravel and Yii are popular choices among the businesses, still some differences between them that make them unique. Let’s find out the basic differences between Laravel and Yii:

  • Generic Composition: Laravel is mainly applicable for sophisticate syntax. It is because Laravel provides many reliable applications that make websites easier to authenticate, route, and create sessions and caching. On the other hand, Yii is a high-performing framework that is mainly the fast development of a website. It is because Yii uses MVC architecture with simple code.
  • Templating: Laravel provides a blade template system that allows all the codes changed into raw PHP files while processing. On the contrary, Yii uses a default template system.
  • Frameworks: Yii uses the MVC framework. It enables Yii to utilize all components easily.  Whereas Laravel does not provide any modular approach.
  • Performance: When it comes to the performance of a website, Yii proves to be the best. On the other hand, Laravel is comparatively slow. But there are multiple resources present online that help Laravel to speed up its performance.
  • Advantages: Laravel is a feature with easy authentication, a straightforward API that allows the users to use cloud-based services. On the other hand, Yii comes with CRUD generators which make it reusable and scalable.

Wrapping Up:

Both Laravel and Yii are efficient frameworks for full-stack development. Though both are feature with some advantages and disadvantages. A wide range of top-notch brands opt for Laravel as their PHP framework. But it does not mean that Yii is incapable, rather it provides a robust environment and great security. But the most important thing.  That you have to do is to know your business requirements and Hire PHP Developers with specific expertise.

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