The Importance Of 36 Gunas For Blissful Marriage Life

What are Gunas?

Gunas can predict and assess the inherent traits of an individual. The interplay between these Gunas determines the compatibility between couples who have an official alliance. There are three Gunas upon which males and females are compared and awarded points. Furthermore, the 36 Gunas matching has a massive amount of worth. But it is important to note that the term union is considered to be a marriage if they are compatible in their characteristics with an average score of 18.

36 Gunas Matching

India is a place with a variety of cultures and an amalgamation of different cultures. Within this variety, Hinduism is one religion that considers marriage an integral element of culture. In Hinduism, wedding ceremonies are performed according to the Vedic custom of Horoscope matching

Additionally, marriages have always been of a huge significance to our culture. They can’t occur without having matching Kundalis. Matching the 36 Gunas match is not just a way to determine compatibility, but also forecasts the final years of marriage. Today, couples can opt out of matching kundali, however, since the time of the primordial the 36 gunas are believed to have an immense significance.

Requirement for 36 Gunas Matching

A score that is between 25, 32 and 33 is an ideal match. In a few cases, the couple is in love, and the score is higher than 32. In these instances the relationship is highly positive and is considered to be an indication of positive vibes from the Nakshatras.

Let’s discover the essential benefits of matching kundli in Hindi with The Ashtakoot. It is believed that the Ashtkootas are part of kundali matching, a set of eight attributes that represent the compatibility between both the groom and bride to the perfect wedding.

The Ashtkootas found in Kundli are:

Varan: (1 Guna) – Checks the Work Life

Varna informs us about the spiritual compatibility between the couple. Additionally, this type of compatibility is determined using a variety of methods. Additionally, it concentrates on the ego of the couple. Points ensure that there’s less tension between couples after the wedding. Additionally, it can be a significant factor when it comes to matching 36 guns.

There are four types of Varna:

  • Brahmin: Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio
  • Kshatriya: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius
  • Vaishya: Virgo, Taurus and Capricorn
  • Shudra: Gemini, Aquarius and Libra

Vasya (2 guna) – Examines the dominance of Husband over wife

This is the second section in the Ashtakoota system. In addition, it reveals who will be the most powerful and dominant between the couple. Also, it evaluates the level of dominance. Additionally, it analyses which of them has the greater influence over the other.

Tara: (3 Guna) – Destiny

The literal meaning behind its title, Tara, means Nakshatra. It is also the determining factor of luck. It is a crucial guna that has three points. In addition the inter-relationship with three points of Janma Nakshatra that is important in this Guna.

Yoni: (4 Guna) – Sexual Compatibility

The guna determines whether the two couples have a sexual connection. The maximum number of points is 4, while the minimum is 0. Furthermore, it includes fourteen more categories. It is also depicted through the names of different species of animals, and each one is given the number of points.

Grah Maitri: (5 Guna) – General Compatibility

Graha Maitri is the friendliest aspect of the Planet that is Janam Rashi. It also determines the psychological connection, love, and love between the. It is of major importance because it affects the understanding of couples after marriage. couple following marriage. In addition, they influence the general friendliness and compatibility between couples.

Gana (6″Guna) – Two people have the same characteristics

Gana provides a description of the behavior and behavior of the couple after their marriage. In addition, it is composed of six scores and has been classified to be Devata, Manushya and Rakshasa. Furthermore, this is crucial to the 36 gunas match.

Bhakoot: (7 Guna) – Love and Intimacy

The Bhakoot reveals the family’s welfare and financial success after marriage. It is a 7-point tally and determines intimacy and love. Also, zero Bhakoot matches are not compatible in any way. Since it’s a moon’s sign, it can help evaluate the wealth of the two couples.

Nadi: (8 Guna) – Health and Children

This Guna is a symbol of progeny, i.e. children and health. This is a way to define the genetic and physiological aspects of the couple. Additionally it is important to note that this Guna is crucial to a happy marriage, and when there’s a lack of this, the wedding shouldn’t take place in the first place. Additionally its value in points is crucial to match 36 gunas.

Kundli Not Matching, Should I Marry?

It boils down to how you will make things work between you and the other one, regardless of whether the kundli is in harmony or not. You are able to and should be married to the person you feel is the most joyful regardless of whether it’s an organised wedding or a loved one. However, you should avoid looking at Kundli matching as a thing that could cause problems in your relationship.

Astrology is a science and therefore it provides the knowledge and understanding to solve your issues. It never was and never will be a hindrance to the wonderful feeling that love can bring. On the contrary, it is designed solely to increase the love between two individuals. It is possible to think of Kundli as an old-fashioned practice, but it may provide the most precise projections.

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