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The Experienced and More Responsible We, Can Combat With Omicron

Amidst the pandemic, the crucially important thing needed for the survival of man is the providence of good and timely medical services. We have seen the scenarios during pandemics when the patient’s life is saved. Only because he reached the hospital on time and was put on to the ventilator. Talking about Pakistan, the government made all the necessary arrangements to provide medical assistance to the afflicted personnel. Every best hospital in Pakistan was fully equipped to provide all the needed medical facilities to the people.

This was not only practiced in big cities like Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad only but it was also practiced in the best hospital in Multan, Bahawalpur, Larkana, or any other city you take the name of, the hospitals there provided state of the art medical facilities to the people. This is one of the many major reasons that Pakistan successfully took over the pandemic situation.

The situation in Pakistan was under control

Yes, Pakistan did! When the whole world was worrying about the increasing number of covid19 cases, the situation in Pakistan was quite a under control and it became possible only because of the timely actions taken by the government. It raised the morale of the nation and gave them the faith that we can beat this relentless virus.

The news also positively impacted the front-row fighters like doctors and paramedics. In this, all the media played a very important role. The news was aired on all the top Urdu news channels and websites and this brought an air of positivity to the country. 

India, the origin of delta variant of coronavirus

On the other hand, the neighboring country of Pakistan, India went through some serious health crisis. It was the time when the Delta variant of the Coronavirus came out, and its origin was India. As the majority of the population of India is Hindu. They annually perform a religious ritual called “Kumbh” This is the ritual in which a large number of people gather at the shore of the River Ganges and dip themselves into the river water to purify their souls.

Hindus from all over India and outside of the country visit Kumbh to perform this ritual of purification. This triggered the mutation of the virus and the world saw the Delta virus due to which India witnessed one of the largest health crises in history.

Pakistan learned from the mistakes of others

Yes! Pakistan learned from the mistakes of its neighboring country. The government of Pakistan implemented a lockdown right after finding the first case of coronavirus. It closed all the schools, universities, and other such places along with putting a total ban on any kind of social activities. Pakistan is a Muslim majority state and the month of Ramadan is the most sacred month for Muslims even during that, the strict lockdown was implemented, which certainly showed its impact by stopping the spread of coronavirus. 

How Pakistan dealing with Omicron variant

Now, the world is seeing another variant of the virus, Omicron. The country once again is ready to bravely combat it. Every best hospital in Pakistan has prepared itself to handle any unexpected situation just like before. Every hospital in Multan, Bahawalpur, Abbottabad, or any other city, they are ready to fight the pandemic. 

What is the origin of the Omicron variant?

The origin of the Omicron variant is Africa. Since the first case of Omicron is there, the whole world cut off all the connections with the country. So that they can stop the spread of this variant. This had a harmful impact on the economy of South Africa. The president of the country also showed his resentment on the matter. He shows his concerns about the economic conditions of the country, which is already not very good.

He said that due to such actions South Africa will go down in the regression. But the world did what was necessary to do. Anyhow the virus reached many countries and today the world is thinking about ways to overcome this variant. The top Urdu news channels are keeping us all updated with whatever is happening in Pakistan or going to happen. Just like before we will win against this variant as well, as now we have experience and we are more responsible.

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