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The best nursery design tips

Although there is a sweet and dreamy quality to the idea of designing a nursery for an infant, the practical work of creating a safe, comfortable, beautiful, serene space for this little one can be overwhelming. New parents are almost as eager to put them together mentally and emotionally as they are to prepare for a new baby. When you’re working with a small room, it’s hard to come up with baby room ideas. So here are a few tips filled with expert advice to help get you started.

Best baby room ideas: Start with a Mini Crib

You can opt for a mini crib as our first suggestion if you’re working with a small nursery. The design of a mini crib is just like the normal crib. And it doesn’t stay small forever! Mini cribs start out small, but they grow and expand with your child. Some mini cribs can even be converted into toddler beds, which can be an excellent investment as your child grows. This style of the crib is great for small spaces, as it only takes up the space that the baby needs. Choosing a crib with rounded corners is actually better for small spaces since they’re easier to move around without getting hurt.

Designing a crib requires meticulous planning and a keen eye for detail only to ensure that your child enjoys spending most of the time in the space. If you are really excited about the newborn baby coming into your life, and you don’t want to compromise on the quality and space then you can buy one of the best luxury homes for sale in Goa. It is a home where your child and the entire family will love to spend time together. With plenty of greenery around the luxury home, your child will breathe fresh air in Goa despite the rising levels of pollution in other cities. 

Try a 2-in-1 Changing Table Dresser

With a small space design, you don’t need a dresser and changing table. Just add a dressing tabletop to your dresser for an affordable 2-in-1 piece of furniture! You can also remove the top when your baby grows up and out of diapers, so you have a dresser for your child’s room. A dresser of any size will do, although it is obviously better if the dresser is lower so that you can change your baby’s diaper at the right height! A caddy or basket for diapers, wipes, and creams can be placed on top of the dresser or near the changing station for easy diaper changes.

Use Baskets for Under-Crib Storage

With a small nursery design, every square foot matters. Using popular small spaces such as adding baskets or bins to the underside of the crib saves on storage space. You can use them for storing blankets, baby clothes, toys, or anything else your baby needs and keep things safe and organized without taking up additional space in the nursery.

Utilize Book Ledges

A bookcase in a nursery is essential for reading time with your baby since it helps develop their brains and exposes them to new vocabulary. In a small nursery, bookcases eat up plenty of precious floor space.  Adding a narrow bookcase or book ledge to the wall will save floor space while providing ample book storage. Turn the area into a toddler reading nook by swapping out a glider for a toddler chair.  Inculcate the habit among children to grab books and browse themselves.

Keep the Design Minimal

If you have a small space, keep the design minimal. Choose a color scheme that is light and bright, like some earthy tones. Make sure to only include the necessary furniture – a mini crib and a low dressing table with a changing tabletop. That is all you need, with no extras or frills! You can also hang lights on the wall to save space on the floor and surfaces. Pendant lights add a lot of texture to the space. Keeping your design minimal and simple is one of the best baby room ideas you can follow. This also allows you for easy step changes as your child grows to a toddler and then a teenager.

Going minimal is the best way to make your child feel comfortable and warm at home. Adopt simplicity and a monochromatic palette to make the space look larger. Making the nursery child-friendly and using just the essential elements can make the room look spacious. Bring nature into the room through mosquito repellent indoor plants and allow sufficient entry of sunlight. One of the smart ways to establish an earthy connection into your nursery.

Some of the best luxury villas in North Goa adopt the minimalist style to merge with warmth and comfort, only to offer the most aesthetically pleasing experience to the entire family. 

Trust your Nursery Design with the Experts

An expert can help you design your small nursery if you still have trouble doing so. With their tons of ideas up their sleeves, they will help you keep everything in a small nursery. For example, a few designers may even create a visualization of a 3D model to suit your style. Don’t let this stress you out as you prepare for a new baby! 


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