The best MOBA games

We have prepared a list of the best MOBA games. Do you recognize them all?

The times when MOBA games on PC were called “the most popular genre” are already behind – online shooters like PUBG, Fortnite and Overwatch burst into the gaming market , and collectible card games breathe in their backs . However, MOBAs will remain a “highly popular genre” for a long time to come, because while individual projects are losing players, the very unique concept of the genre remains relevant.

The combination of strategy, tactics and economics, a huge variety of heroes and abilities, the great importance of teamwork – all this distinguishes “mobs” against the background of dueling and “every man for himself” games. At the same time, these games are available even for weak PCs, since the main focus is not on graphics, but on gameplay. Let’s take a look at what are the best MOBA games out there.


Did you seriously think that we would provoke the community by placing one of these games under the other? Both best-of-breed games are descended from Warcraft 3 ‘s Defense of the Ancients map , and while DotA 2 retains its original name, both games are worthy descendants of the great ancestor.

For League of Legends – a more international and large community, for DotA 2 – a more epic esports scope. Donut in League of Legends is more significant, but major updates are less common in DotA 2. In League of Legends, the rating is measured by color, in DotA 2 – by numbers. There are a lot of Koreans in League of Legends, Russians in DotA 2.

They are better balanced among themselves than any of their characters are balanced. These two games are sisters, and the players should be brothers among themselves … oh, who are we kidding.

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You need to have titanium eggs to promote a game about the battle of the gods with a title that does NOT have the word “gods” in it. How will the players understand that this is about all kinds of Zeus and Ganesh, if the title contains an incomprehensible and short SMITE (“strike”)?

However, Hi-Rez Studios showed their game in a way that everyone understood. They were the first to enter the MOBA market with a third-person game , and made a splash. And this despite the fact that, in fact, the concept has not changed from the word at all!

It turns out that SMITE takes exactly drive and setting. They tried to take Heroes of the Storm in the same way, however, if HoTS went more to fans of Blizzard games who wanted to feel like their favorite characters, SMITE gives a real feeling of playing for a god (or, in some cases, a demigod and a monster ). Of course, some of them are less known than the Greek or Scandinavian ones, but this has its own charm – to learn, albeit indirectly, the mythology of other peoples. But you know our Baba Yaga for sure.


Blizzard wouldn’t be Blizzard if they didn’t try to break into the MOBA market. Characters from all the game universes of the company, from the ancient Lost Vikings to Overwatch, began to appear in a new world for them called the Nexus (which, by the way, translates as “fusion”).

It was decide to diversify the game play with various tasks: collect here, activate there, summon that, set it on enemies. And so that players are not distracted from these important matters by counting experience, resources are distributed equally among everyone. True communism!

Heroes of the Storm is perhaps the most under-received online Blizz project. We are talking about the players, the developers are trying, but their colleagues from the neighboring department on the mountain made Overwatch for them. Recently, characters and cards from this game have been appearing in HoTS in order to divert the attention of players a little. However, the question remains, which is better: modifying and improving one card or riveting new ones? Blizzard loves content in its purest form and that’s why they chose the latter, and they do it well, for which they get a high place in the list … but not the highest. Still, experience shows that players like to improve in depth, not in breadth.


Eternal Return: Black Survival is not only a MOBA, but also a Battle Royale and Survival Simulator. MOBA mechanics will be familiar to you – for example, you will have to control a hero with unique abilities, and leveling is carry out in the same way as in DotA 2 and League of Legends.

But you don’t need to destroy the towers – following the canons of Battle Royale, this game offers to fight for survival with 17 players on a large open map, looking for the best equipment. All this is season with nice anime graphics.

The unusual mix of genres was enjoy by users, judging by the tens of thousands of “very positive” reviews on Steam .


Battlerite is arguably the fastest MOBA game ever exists… and many continue to slam it. But, apparently, not so many, since the developers are not going to artificially stretch the duration of matches, but they will work on matchmaking – the most difficult problem of any MOBA 3d racing games unblocked.

Another feature of Battlerite helps slow down the pace a little: after the destruction of one player by another, time slows down. At this point, attention is so direct on how to make a frag that it is quite difficult to orient in space after receiving a frag. Slowing down time allows you to better assess the situation, and also balances the overall fast pace of the game.


Blood of Steel is a game that dilutes the MOBA genre and allows players to become the leaders of the armies of different eras. For example, get able to the role of King Leonid and lead the brave Spartans into battle, and in battle meet the Chinese commander of the Three Kingdoms era. No magic – only harsh medieval battles.


Extravagant war machines, powerful heavy metal and a vibrant post-apocalyptic world – this is the set that Heavy Metal Machines offers players . This is a free-to-play MOBA game that was released on PC in the fall of 2018 , the style of which not only departs from the fantasy setting that has become traditional for the genre, giving way to post-apocalypse, but also brings tangible elements of survival races unfolding in a destroyed world to the racing games unblocked game play .

Instead of wise mages, fearless warriors and other living and thinking creatures, armored vehicles covered with spikes and colorful patterns fight each other in the arenas of Heavy Metal Machines. All available cars have unique weapons and abilities. It is clear that each car is drive by a bright character with an interesting biography.

Competitions are arrange in a 4×4 team format, where the main goal is to drive a bomb into the opponent’s gate. A huge number of cosmetic items are available in the game, allowing you to decorate the already very bright and pleasing to the eye cars.

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