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The Advantages of Buying a Pre-selling Condo

If you are new to real estate and unaware of terminologies, pre-selling is the selling and marketing phase of the project before its actual completion. There is still no physical structure in place for the buyer to enjoy but, making a purchase when it is as early into the planning or construction phase definitely has its benefits.

Pre Selling Condo in Camella to Invest
Pre Selling Condo in Camella to Invest

Here are some advantages of buying a pre-selling condo:

The earlier, the cheaper

Due to the project way into its earlier phases and lacking the ability to be turned over any time soon, prices of pre-selling units have their prices slashed up to 50% versus if they were ready-for-occupancy. Adding onto the discounts, pre-selling units also comes with very flexible payment options. Some of these include in-house financing, bank loans and lower monthly amortizations and reservation fees.

First in line

It is always a good thing to be one of the first people to choose. It gives you the opportunity to pick the very best and to satisfy your preference. This is a very good case as to selecting units for a condo. Closing a deal during its pre-selling phase enables you to pick the exact unit you want. You may want to enjoy a specific view of the property or face the direction of the rising sun in the morning. Or maybe you would enjoy a unit on the topmost floor. Securing an early contract almost guarantees you get what it is you desire. Buying a ready-for-occupancy unit usually leaves you with limited options.

Area Development and accessibility

Condo developers always aim to increase the value of their lots. This means that the surrounding area of a condo will always be open for improvements and new developments. Aside from the initial amenities included in the condo, the location will always include facilities that make the establishment a prime location to live in.

Great investment

Managing to get a condo unit at a low and affordable price makes for a good investment opportunity. Whether it be renting it out once it is ready for occupancy or reselling it at a higher price once the project is fully completed, you are almost guaranteed to experience investment appreciation due to your early investment. Developers also take into consideration improving the surrounding areas of the condominium. This just ensures that your property value will increase.

Aside from the fact that you would have to wait for a number of years before the condo unit will be transferred to the owner, there are still some other factors to consider. Usually, pre-selling project proposals are “subject to change” due to developers improving the project plans before they are completed.

Buy a Pre Selling Condo and Enjoy its Value
Buy a Pre Selling Condo and Enjoy its Value

Ultimately, in investing there are risks that you will definitely want to avoid. However, all the benefits in investing and buying a pre-selling condo definitely outweigh the potential risks. Most especially if you have one of the leading developers in the Philippine’s housing industry, Camella.

Isn’t it neat to enjoy all these perks? With all the great payment schemes and promotional discounts, getting your own condo is easier than ever! Search for that newest venture and find the next place you will call home! Check out all the locations where Camella Manors will be building its next project and move higher as you live higher.

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