Step by Step Guide to Skydiving in Dubai

Dubai is one of the most attractive cities for tourists. It is the most glamorous and prestigious city in the world which is rich in history and culture. It also offers food aplenty like no other city offers. This city is also famous as an adventurous city and provides many adventures for the visitors. You can find the best places to visit in Dubai and it also provides a variety of different foods to eat. One of the most popular adventurous activities in Dubai is skydiving. 

If someone visits Dubai he or she never misses this adventurous activity because it provides a lot of fun and happiness to the tourists. As it is the most famous activity in Dubai, you have to book your tickets first to enjoy this activity. Skydiving is a scary activity. So for the beginners professional skydivers are attached with you, when you are going for skydiving. In tandem skydiving you are free to enjoy the activity and professional skydivers handle all the technicalities of the skydiving. 

Step by step guide to skydiving in Dubai:

If you want to experience this adventurous activity you need to follow some important steps. If you are an adventurous person and find the opportunity to visit Dubai you should not miss the activity of skydiving. You need to follow the entire process, which is given below. 

Find out if you are permitted:

Skydiving is a dangerous activity so it is not allowed for all types and ages of persons. The first thing that you have to analyze before going skydiving in Dubai is to get to know whether you are permitted to skydive or not. If you are 12 years old or more than 12 years you are allowed to enjoy this adventurous activity in Dubai. You also need to check your fitness level and BMI must be less than 27.5 BMI for women and less than 30 BMI for men. 

Sign the declaration form:

Children who are between 12 to 17 years old need to fill the parent consent tandem waiver and sign this form by their parents. It is a permission form for the children which is very necessary and allows the children to experience the adventurous activity with the permission of their parents. All the time, parents should be at the diving place with their children. For the people who are above 70 years old they need to fill a declaration of fitness form and it must be signed and stamped by the professional certified doctors. People who are suffering from serious diseases such as high blood pressure, epilepsy, diabetes or heart problems etc are not allowed to experience this audacious activity. 

Book your slot:

After finding that you are eligible for skydiving and after filling the declaration form if required you have to book a slot for yourself. You have to book your slot 3 to 4 days before skydiving, which will be very helpful for you to get an exact time and accurate place for skydiving. You have no need to go skydiving in Dubai to book your slot, however in the modern world you can easily book your ticket online. If you are a female skydiver you should request to get a female instructor for your comfort. You would receive confirmation through email once you booked your slot. It is very entertainment activity if you do not have any fear for that.

Reach on time:

If you want to properly enjoy this adventurous activity you must reach it on time. You should try to reach 2 to 3 hours before skydiving. Reach before the time ensures that the whole process will go smoothly. Before going to the place of skydiving you must check once again about the place and time in your booking confirmation email.

Dress accordingly:

You must wear a comfortable dress for skydiving in Dubai. You should wear pants and shirts and should avoid short, sleeveless, low cut blouses or tops with tassels and collars. And Also you must wear comfortable sport shoes in place of fancy slippers, boots or high heels. Peoples should also avoid wearing jewelry or unnecessary accessories while skydiving. 

Gear up:

After reaching the place of skydiving you must read all the instructions properly and carefully. After that you would be geared up to start your flight. Certified instructors are always with you and they can provide you with all the instructions. You must listen to them carefully to enjoy your skydiving activity. 

Skydiving experience:

Once you geared up your flight your pilot would take you 13000 feet above the ground. You are tied with your instructor with the help of a harness. When your aircraft reaches the selected site you would ask to jump from your aircraft. After falling from the airframe your instructor would pull open the parachute and you would be able to enjoy the view below you. You can relive your experience by watching your skydiving video shot by a videographer.  

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