Smoke shops guide for the difference between CBD vape Juice and CBD Vape Cartridge

Smoke shops guide for the difference between CBD vape Juice and CBD Vape Cartridge

The smoke shop salesperson must have adequate knowledge about smoking products and supplies. Especially, when it comes to the difference between CBD vape juice and CBD vape cartridges.

This is beneficial for smoke shops for two reasons, the first one, is to guide their valuable customers about the products they need, and the other and more important reason is that knowing this difference will help the smoke shops to decide about the best quantity for each product they should buy in bulk from the smoke shop wholesale supplier.

Once you have decided to buy and sell CBD, then you need to understand the consumption methods.

There are many methods by which people enjoy CBD. Each method has its advantages. It all depends on the consumer’s taste. It can be edible, oral or sublingual, topical, or simply vaporized or smoked. The only way to stand out is vaping.

Vaping is an effective way to experience the effects of CBD faster. It’s a new fad that is sweeping the world and attracting a lot of attention from young adults.  However, deciding on a vape is the first step.

You also need to decide the consumption method. There are two possibilities. Use CBD cartridges or CBD vape juice. If you don’t know what they involve, it’s difficult to choose.

What is the difference between these vaping methods?

What kind of experience should we expect from each? That is the purpose of this guide. Read on to find out the difference between CBD cartridges and CBD vape juice.

 What is CBD vape juice?

CBD vape juice is often termed CBD vape oil & CBD e-liquid. This is a hemp-based extract designed for use with vape pens. CBD oil is too dense to vaporize in its original form. In the extraction process, it is mixed with a carrier solution (vegetable glycerin (VG) or glycerin) to make it suitable for vaporization.

The liquid can also be made of polyethylene glycol (peg) or propylene glycol (pg). Regardless of the extraction method, the final product is a thin liquid that can be supplied in a pre-filled cartridge.

Screw the cartridge into the battery, which is the heat source, to create a vape pen. When turned on, the device heats the vape juice to produce the vapor that the user inhales.

What is a  CBD cartridge?

CBD cartridges are slim containers that hold vape juice. They are either refillable or prefilled. If it is refillable, it means it is reusable. Once that’s done, you can refill it with CBD oil.

However, pre-filled or disposable cartridges cannot be refilled. When you run out of CBD e-juice, buy a new one and replace it. The cartridge is attached to the battery to complete the vape pen.

Five main differences between CBD vape juice and CBD cartridges:


The main difference between CBD cartridges and CBD vapor juice is the strength level. CBD Cartridges tend to be stronger than vape juice because they contain a high concentration of CBD per ml of e-liquid.

The strength of CBD vape juice depends on the amount of CBD. To find efficacy, simply divide the CBD amount (mg) and e-liquid volume. The stronger ones usually contain 1000 mg of CBD per 30 ml, while the others come with 500 mg. You can use CBD vape juice to refill the cartridge with a higher dose, but if the cartridge is disposable, it means that the dose is limited.


E-liquid requires a lot of power and uses a more powerful battery. However, you cannot use the same high voltage with a CBD cartridge. These are designed to use standard 510 batteries and will not operate at high voltages. A higher voltage means more power is supplied to the coil and a larger steam cloud. For large clouds of steam, choose vape juice as it can be combined with high wattage or wattage devices.

Ease of use:

Both are user-friendly, so there is no big difference, but the pre-filled vaporizer is much easier to use. With a disposable or pre-filled vaporizer, you don’t have to do anything else. Just put it between your lips and start vaping. When you run out of e-liquid, just discard it and replace it with a new one. However, if it is refillable, beginners may experience some challenges when refilling.

Flavor options:

There are more CBD vape juice products available than CBD cartridges. That is, the user has access to a variety of electronic liquids. Therefore, if you want to try different varieties, the juice is the best choice.


Vapes have different prices. You can easily find vape juices and cartridges at low prices, as well as highly expensive ones. Overall, CBD e-liquid is slightly cheaper than CBD cartridges. In addition, you can make your vape juice cheaply at home. However, powerful CBD cartridges are more economical and cost-effective. You need to hit several times to get the desired effect.


It’s entirely up to you to choose between CBD vape juice and the  CBD cartridge. Both methods are effective. In general, vaping is a great way to enjoy CBD. When you inhale steam, CBD enters your bloodstream faster, so you can expect faster results.

However, as explained in this guide, there are major differences. If you have a limited budget, we recommend buying CBD e-juice in bulk. For providing the best variety and customer experience make sure you buy quality products of both types from the best wholesale smoke shop distributor in the United States.

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