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Sights of Casablanca

Casablanca may be a well-known tourist attraction in Morocco. With about 5 million residents, it’s the country’s economic hub and most populated metropolis.

It’s also a contemporary metropolis. Nonetheless, it’s almost like the main African cities. The gap between prosperity and poverty is stark. 
you will not be short on things to try and do in Casablanca: a visit is worthwhile just to work out the magnificent Hassan II Mosque.
Casablanca incorporates several interesting sights worth mentioning. We’ll inform you about 25 things to try and do in Casablanca during this post. Morocco’s most populous city. It also contains a favorable environment that produces it perfectly throughout the year.

Sights to visit and things to do In Casablanca:

Photograph the dual Center, the dual towers of Casablanca

At 118 meters high each, these two WTC are the tallest in Morocco. Both have 28 floors and were inbuilt in 1998. Inside is the second-largest store in Africa, a supermarket and plenty of shops.

Have a drink at Sky 28, something highly recommended to try to do in Casablanca

You cannot leave Casablanca without seeing the town from above. To do this, the most effective thing you’ll be able to do is to go up to the 28th floor of the dual Center, where the Sky 28 restaurant is found.
Although the dishes are well above the Casablanca average, it’s an area worth visiting.
Especially at midnight, with a cocktail in hand, with background music and Casablanca at your feet. Is there a stronger possible plan?

Don’t miss the Quartier Habous

Or also referred to as New Medina. Although it falls a touch removed from the town center, it’s worth approaching. it’s much quieter and more authentic than the old one, without such a big amount of crowds or tourists.
If you wish to shop for some local crafts, this can be one of the simplest places to try to do it. Morocco private desert tours.

Casablanc mosque

Visit the olive souk

In the Quartier Habous, several things caught our attention: one in all of them was a souk dedicated to olives. Although it’s nothing to put in writing home about, approaching it and discovering it’s a curious thing to try to do in Casablanca

Move to the Mahkama du Pacha Palace, one amongst the simplest monuments to work out in Casablanca

This is one of the simplest treasures within the city, although visiting it’s challenging. They do not always allow you to in and if you’re lucky you must visit it with a guide because it is employed as a court of Justice.
Located next to the neighborhood market and its interiors are spectacular. don’t miss it!

Eat a sweet at the Bennis Habous patisserie

If none of the previous attractions of the Quartier Habous catches your attention, a minimum of you’ll be able to make the foremost of your visit to the neighborhood by enjoying the standard Moroccan pastries.
The Bennis Habous patisserie is one amongst the foremost famous within the city and trying a number of its sweets may be a recommended thing to try to to in Casablanca.

Buy groceries at Morocco Mall

It is the most important shopping precinct in Africa. it’s located on the outskirts of the town, although it is often easily reached on foot from the Hassan II mosque.
It’ll take approximately 40 minutes on foot. within the mall, you’ll have an infinity of options: many shops, IMAX, restaurants, and even a vivarium with sharks that takes you to the shops of Dubai.

Approach the Sidi Abderrahman Sanctuary

This is one of the foremost curious things to try and do in
 Casablanca. the location hides quite a fascinating history.
Sidi Abderrahman, considered a saint by some Muslims, came from Baghdad within the 19th century and settled on this islet. The marabout lived there until the tip of his days and today it’s a pilgrimage site.

Get to understand the imposing Royal Palace, a formidable place to determine in Casablanca

The King of Morocco has Royal Palaces in every major city in Morocco and Casablanca isn’t any exception. The Royal Palace of the town is found within the Quartier Habous.
Entrance to the building is prohibited, as altogether the Royal Palaces within the country, although it’s possible to go to its doors (prior permission from the guards).


 Visit the Museum of Moroccan Judaism

If you’re searching for something different to try to to in Casablanca and you have got enough time, it’s enormous to go to the Museum of Moroccan Judaism. 
The sole Jewish museum within the entire Arab world, a proven fact that makes it even more special. There you’ll learn a touch more about the history of the country and its religions. Interesting but not essential.

Head to Derb Ghallef for electronics

Although you’ll be able to find everything during this souk, basically it’s attractive because there are many electronic devices, especially mobiles. Many are fakes or they are probably stolen.
You may also find plenty of pirated movies. Without a doubt, it’s one amongst the foremost fun things to try and do in Casablanca.

Have a good time at Parc Sindibad, of a good commitment to neutralize Casablanca with children

If you’ve got several days in Casablanca and you’re traveling with children, you’ll be able to visit the Sindibad game park.
Although it’s nothing to put in writing home about. As well your children will surely appreciate that you simply dedicate your time to them to disconnect from the strain of the Moroccan markets.
Regarding the doorway, the costs are cheap: 75 dirhams the doorway with unlimited attractions.

Escape to Rabat

Although Rabat is sometimes removed from most tourist routes in Morocco. The city never hurts to induce to understand the country’s capital.
We were pleasantly surprised. Except for breathing its institutional air, it hides many attractions like the attractive Kasbah of the Udayas or the Chellah Necropolis. Also falls relatively near Casablanca: it’ll not take quite 1 hour by train.

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