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Security Training in Ontario

In order to become a security guard in Ontario, you must complete a few pieces of paperwork. First, you must obtain a license. Next, you must obtain ontario security training. This training can be completed in a classroom or an online course. You can also receive your training through a conferencing system like Skype.

Basic training requirements

There are a number of basic security training requirements in Ontario. For instance, if you are applying to be a security guard, you must have basic security training. The Ministry of Labour requires that you complete a course that includes a minimum of 40 hours. However, private investigators and security guards need to complete a course that is at least 50 hours in length. These courses do not require CPR certification.

Once you have completed a course, you must take the CSIT test. The test includes questions on the Canadian legal system, report writing, surveillance, and CPR/First Aid. There are also self-quizzes to check your understanding of the material. These tests are administered once a year.

As a security guard, it is important to be aware of the Canadian Legal System. This means that you must understand the Criminal Court System and the Ontario Evidence Act. You also need to understand how to make evidence admissible in court. Your trainer will explain the differences between provincial, municipal, and criminal law, the court system’s hierarchy, and the requirements for admissible evidence.

On top of this, you need to be knowledgeable about the proper use of force. Security guards may need to use force in some situations, so you should be prepared. NDIL offers several courses that can help you gain the necessary skills to protect the public. You can even get a certificate from the Ministry of Public Safety if you have completed the course.

The PSISA regulates the security industry and you need to be familiar with the regulations and Code of Conduct before you can begin working as a security guard. The trainer will also introduce you to the various roles within the industry and how to perform your duties properly. There are also a variety of different emergency situations that a security guard may face. You must be familiar with these situations to protect the public and your own.

ontario security training


There are two basic ways to find out the cost of Ontario security training. You can go through the ministry of labour’s website or call a local security training provider. First, look for a course that is at least 40 hours long. You can also try a web-based course, but make sure that you get a live instructor.

Once you’ve determined the course you want, the next step is to complete it. A 40-hour training course is required for an Ontario security licence. The course covers the material you need to pass the ministry’s test, and may be delivered in a classroom setting, or online. Either way, you’ll be able to track your progress and print out your licence.

The Ministry of Community Safety (MCSCS) has set standards for training security guards in Ontario. It is important to find a course that is accredit by the Ministry and meets all Ministry requirements. Using a quality training provider means you can rest assure that you’ll graduate with a licence.


To become a security guard in Ontario, you must have a license and the appropriate training. There are a variety of locations to attend security training. Some of them are accreditnand recognize. Others are private and do not require any license. To ensure your safety, it is important to attend a training course with a qualified instructor.

Training programs in Ontario can be found online or in classrooms. If you choose an online course, make sure that it is Ministry Approve. This type of training will cover the content that you need to know to pass the ministry exam. Some courses may also be available in an online format, which gives you the opportunity to finish at your own pace.

Once trained, Ontario security guards will be dispatch to specific sites. They will be responsible for ensuring a safe environment for customers. They will also be expect to monitor the area for alcohol and narcotics. They also must report any issues to the local police. On occasion, they will have to deal with noisy customers in residential areas. In addition, guards are often the ones responsible for the cleanliness of a site if there are no designated cleaning staff.

ontario security training

Job outlook

There are several benefits to getting a security training in Ontario. Firstly, you can get a license and be employ in the security field. The job requires you to be vigilant and work efficiently to prevent violence, theft, and felonies. It also requires a person who is tech-savvy.

Security guards in Ontario also need to be knowledgeable about fire safety. They should be able to monitor fire extinguishers and report on maintenance issues. In addition, they must be able to document a variety of events in logs. Many guards even keep a personal security notebook. This notebook contains details about any unusual incidents, sightings, and incidents.


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