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Sales Explainer Video: The Case Study for Jumo

Sales explainer video is a way to go if you’re trying to define a concept, service, or idea for your audience. They come in many forms, from traditional animation to 3D, to live-action and more. They are also available in all genres, utilizing comedy or drama, depending on the theme. 

It also means there’s a wide variety of design options and emotional tactics to communicate your businesses’ message.

Jumo provides actors and dancers with website designs specifically made for them. It gives a professional look to their website while maintaining customizability to change, update or remove your headshot, resume, photos, and reel on the go.

Who are they? 

Jumo is a custom website company that provides customize websites for actresses and singers. They have been around since 2008 and worked with over 200 other companies from all over the world. They help startups to grow by producing explainer video: a short video that describes a product in a visually appealing motion picture.

The explainer video

Jumo came to us looking to make a (justoon? Or cartoons?) style explainer video with a duration of (±60 seconds). They wanted us to make the video for (actors and actresses who are trying to break into the business).

As for the script, Jumo highlighted the problems their target audience are having (how all actors need to have a professional resume to show off their headshot, resume, acting reel, and contact information. 

If they do not have this, they may be losing out on being cast in roles and miss their big break. There are really no products currently that solve this problem well for this target market. (this is why we made

The implementation

After the final cut was ready, we sent the video to Jumo so they could use them according to their plan. But they were kind enough to share with us what they wanted to do with the video and where they will distribute it.

They uploaded the explainer video to their landing page and YouTube. Our priority was to analyze three variables of data: visitors/users, conversion rate, and (additional variable here?) to see how the explainer video have improved their website’s performance

The results

After the implementation of their explainer video, (landing page a) received a significant increase of visitors, on-page time, and conversion rate.

The video received 1000 views in November averaging 75% of total video duration viewed by visitors. This is such a great innovation of the year. 

This statistic synchronizes with the average on-page time of Jumo landing page which increased (x percent) from (x seconds) to (x seconds).

(chart I. increase of on-page time)

The analytics they shared with us before the implementation of their explainer video showed there were 956 visitors for the last 2 months. After the implementation this number jumped to 1400 visitors within a month.

(chart II. change in landing page visitor number)

The same positive impact happens to their conversion rate as well. Their previous conversion rate was 11.5%. After they implemented the explainer video, this number increased by 50% 

They have 110 conversions out of 950 visitors on their landing page in June-August. After the explainer video, Jumo received 240 conversions out of 1000 visitors in November alone. 

(chart III. change in conversion rate)

These results show that our explainer video adds to the equation which brought significant increase in on-page time, visitors, and ultimately conversion rate. 

Jumo’s experience from working with Breadnbeyond

We got more users and visitors to our homepage. And they visit the landing page with explainer videos. We’ve analyzed using Google Analytics, on average they spend 30% time on browsing on the landing page. 

Breadnbeyond is an award-winning explainer video company that I enjoy working with. Beside the awesome result of its videos, they also have a great team. We’re in different areas but we don’t find it hard to communicate with.

Take a look at our animated explainer videos by Breadnbeyond:


With the affordable price, the result is more than amazing because of the quality and turn-around time, when other vendors were quoting closer to $10K.

Andre Oentoro

Andre Oentoro is the founder of Breadnbeyond and Explainerd , an award winning explainer video company. He helps businesses increase conversion rates, close more sales, and get positive ROI from explainer videos (in that order).

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