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Rug Care with Rug Steam Cleaning

The top-notch manner to attend to your wool rug from getting stained is employing the use of having a “no footwear/no meals policy” on your valued floor rug.

With the right preservation, your fashionable wool rug will appearance terrific for years—it might even emerge as a family heirloom to be used by the following era—supplied the rug is nicely wiped clean, of the route.

Do’s and Don’ts of Wool Rug Care:

If there’s an outstanding spill on your rug and also you need to act straight away, make sure you’ve got the below do’s and don’ts checked:

  • DON’T attempt to rub the affected region. That will further push the stain into the rug and purpose the fibers to fuzz or matt together.
  • DO without delay scoop up the solids after which blot the liquid tenderly with tissues, changing them through turns as they turn out to be saturated.
  • DON’T use alkaline detergents which include laundry soap for the reason that buffers added to these detergents to preserve their pH constant may additionally purpose shade leakage to your wool rugs.
  • DO take a look at a small, much less-conspicuous area first to ensure colorfastness.

Can I Steam Clean a Wool Rug?

Yes, you can. Rug Steam cleaning is certainly one of the most effective strategies recommended through the use of specialists to clean your wool rug. Here is what to do:

Step 1: Give it a Good Shake.

Wool rugs can harbor big volumes of loose dirt, pollen, and dirt in their weaves. By taking it exterior and shaking it well, you may pressure many such elements to come back down.

Here’s a manner to shake your wool rug properly:

  • Take your wool rug outside on an easy sunny day.
  • Use a laundry line or patio beam to understand the rug.
  • To get more internal dirt out, take a wood kitchen spoon or similar tool.
  • Beat the rug moderately until you can’t see the dust clouds anymore.

Step 2: Vacuum the Rug

Before using rug steam cleaning in Melbourne to put the stains off the wool rug, experts advise vacuuming it well. Doing so will clear diverse dirt elements resting beneath the ground. Also, it’s important to recognize your rug’s pile type in advance than vacuuming.

You can use an extra conventional brush vacuum for flatter and dense piles normally referred to as “quick pile rugs.”

However, in case your wool rug is shaggy, the use of a traditional brush vacuum isn’t suggested. Instead, you may use a suction-best vacuum to clean the dirt.

Step 3: Use a Rug Conditioner

There are two actions you should in no way take to your wool rug:

  1. Dampen it with a cleanser
  2. Deploy a full-size rug shampooer for its cleaning.

Too plenty moisture is one of the worst enemies of a wool rug and may bring about molds’ short improvement. To ease your wool rug nicely without adverse it, you can use powder-primarily based conditioners. Here’s a way to do the same:

  • Make certain the rug has already been dusted and vacuumed.
  • Spread the rug flat in an open place.
  • You first-rate require a skinny layer of cleaning powder. Remember, much less is extra.
  • Rub the powder into the rug the usage of a tender-bristle brush or your hands
  • Allow the powder to take a seat down for 3 to five mins.
  • Vacuum up the leftover powder.
  • Shake the rug to put off any excess dust or powder.

These powdered entrepreneurs can artwork as effectively as their water-primarily based opposite numbers.

Step 4: Spot Treat Certain Areas

For a few cussed stains that received burst off, you’ll treat them. Use a clean stain remover on wool carpets seeing that they’re prone to liquid stains. You can keep in mind getting ready the subsequent self-made stain disposing of agent to apply in your wool rugs:

  • Eight additives of water
  • One-component white vinegar
  • A moderate dishwashing detergent (Small quantity)

To exercise, dab the solution onto an easy cloth. Afterward, rub into the stained region in a round movement until the stains vanish. Use a glowing and dry paper cloth to soak up any leftover water.

Step 5: Use a light steamer for your wool rug.

Extensive steaming on wool rugs isn’t cautioned. However, light rug steam cleaning may be powerful. Wool absorbs moisture and is prone to mold growth. With light streaming, no longer fine are you able to clean your wool rug successfully, the odors may be removed as properly.

  • While rug steam cleaning, hold the steam cleanser at least six inches away.
  • Steam the whole rugby using manner of stepping into whole motions
  • Make sure no longer to spend greater than 5 seconds on the identical spot.
  • Over steaming will harm the lanolin within the wool and remedy the fibers.
  • Once carried out, located the wool rug in a sunny vicinity, preferably a terrace, to very well dry. If that doesn’t appear possible, allow the rug to dry on an unmarried day.


Wool rugs are sensitive and require the right protection. Improper cleaning techniques can harm them for accuracy. We have collected exceptional guidelines from professionals on rug steam cleaning a wool area rug to help you cope with your wool rugs. Use those pointers and note your wool rug shines better than an ultra-modern rug!

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